3 Ways to Manage that Time of the Month While Travelling

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Most women will agree, periods aren’t much fun. They’re sometimes expensive, often painful, and always inconvenient. And when you’re travelling? Things get a whole lot worse and coping with your period often requires an unreal level of planning.

advice on Periods while travellingHence why you’re reading this right now… But what can you do to manage it?

Surprisingly, there’s more you can do than pack a few tampons and a pack of paracetamol and hope for the best.

Here are three items that could really help you out while you’re on your travels:

Leak-Proof Underwear

One thing many women have to factor into planning for their period is the possibility (and often likelihood) of a leakage. Or three. You can pack extra underwear, of course. But when you’re halfway up a mountain, changing can get a little tricky. And if you’re wearing white shorts? Too late, the damage is already done! Try something that’s leak-proof; there are leak-proof knickers on the market that can really help solve this problem, leaving you to wear whatever colour shorts you like!

Menstrual Cups

Keeping on top of your period while you’re out and about can be not only uncomfortable but disruptive too. Besides, carrying a large box of tampons around in your backpack is hardly conducive to travelling light, is it? A menstrual cup could be the answer. All you need to carry with you is a bottle of water for rinsing, and you can usually keep them in for around the same length of time as a tampon or towel – between four and eight hours, depending on the brand you choose and your flow. Plus, they’re great for the environment and for your wallet too!

Heat Pads

If you’re unfortunate enough to experience period pain, you’re probably sick of taking painkillers. Plus, one or two ibuprofen are often not enough to dull the ache. A heat pad can help to take the edge off, and can easily be slotted inside the front of your clothing to keep your abdominal area warm and help to ease the pain. There are many these days that can be heated up in the morning and last for hours, making them pretty convenient when on your travels!

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