5 Ways the Internet Has Changed How We Live Forever

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When you want to live anywhere and do anything, you need the internet to make it happen. The interesting thing about embracing the NuNomad way of life, is that you soon come to see how different your life would be without the internet.

To give you plenty of food for thought, why not take a look at 5 ways the internet has changed all of our lives.

Netflix is going from strength to strength

netflix while travellingBroadcast TV will be around for some time yet, but streaming services like Netflix are very much on the rise. Gone are the days when everyone would tune in on a Saturday night and make do with whatever was on the TV.

Now you can binge watch entire seasons of your favourite shows in an entire weekend. Ideal if you want to be able to enjoy some great TV no matter where the day has taken you.

Online gambling and gaming are popular ways to relax

Whether you like to try and win a little extra money on legs11 bingo, or you’re a big fan of Xbox Live; gaming wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the internet.

How the internet has changed our lives

Just remember that next time you’re idling away a couple of hours in an airport on your phone as you wait to set off on your next adventure.

Shopping for groceries online has never been easier

When you criss cross the country, or even the globe, feeding yourself can be easier said than done. Eating out and trying plenty of new food is great, but after a while you’re bound to long for some home cooking.

groceries online

By being able to order groceries online with the click of a button, you can get a healthy balanced diet sent direct to your door with little or no effort on your part. Imagine trying to do that over the phone…

High Street shopping is struggling to keep up with Amazon

Amazon is something of a phenomenon in the retail sector, but it wouldn’t have even got off the ground if it weren’t for the internet. Imagine trying to browse through a giant catalogue, having to make do with static pricing, and then phoning up or going in-store to complete the transaction.

Given how used to Amazon we all now are, the alternatives don’t sound all that appetising do they!

Social media is the easiest way to catch up with your friends

social media sitesIt used to be that if you wanted to know what your friends were up to, you’d have to text or call them. Now you can watch from the sidelines and get updates as and when they happen thanks to the world of social media.

It’s become such an all-pervading part of our culture that it’s no strange if you have a friend who isn’t on Facebook. It’s certainly difficult to image what socialising was like as recently as 15 years ago when social media was very much in its infancy.

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