4 Tips for Keeping Your Kids Teeth Healthy on Vacation

Whether you’re going off to an exotic locale, or simply going camping with the kids, it is always essential to keep their health a priority throughout the whole ordeal. I say ordeal, because taking care of little ones and their specific needs can be a logistical nightmare depending on where you’re going, especially when it comes to dental health. In this article, we’re going to give you a few tips on how to make sure that your children’s teeth remain healthy during your next vacation.

Keep a Stash of Healthy Snacks with You

Eating healthy can be very difficult when you’re on the road or abroad. Healthy snack options might be scarce depending on where you’re going. This is why it is essential that you load up on a few healthy snacks before you go. Most airlines will allow you to carry snacks with you on the plane within a certain limit. However, please note that the food will need to be either wrapped or in a sealed container. So, you can bring great snacks such as string cheese, fresh fruit, avocado, raisins, yogurt, etc. anything that promotes good dental health.

Stay Hydrated

Wherever you go, always make sure that you always have a water bottle with you. Hydration is essential for good dental health and should never be neglected. Not only is water good for hydration, but it works to neutralize bad breath as well.

First of all, a dry mouth is one of the main reasons for bad breath. Keeping your mouth hydrated will counteract that. In addition, water works by neutralizing the acids found in your mouth after eating overly sweet and acidic foods. And if you can, try to bring water that is fluoridated if possible. Water fluoridation isn’t common in all countries, so it would be a good idea to inform yourself before you leave to make sure you have enough. If you’re still on the fence about fluoridation, and it’s benefits on dental hygiene, visit http://ilikemyteeth.org/fluoridation/ for more details.

Go for Sugar Free Gum

Sugar free gums and sweets are nice healthy alternative to regular gum. If you’re going to pick sugarless gum, make sure that it has a ADA seal. A stick of sugarless gum can be a life saver when your kids are having a sugar rage. Also, gum stimulates salivation, which is essential for keeping bacteria out of the mouth and promotes good breath.

Use Straws

This may seem like a small detail at first glance, but using straws will go a long way when it comes to dental health. Many of the drinks kids consume these days can be very acidic, and using straws limits the amount of liquid that stays in contact with your teeth. Your children’s’ enamel is at its softest when they’re younger, and it is very important to preserve it since enamel cannot be recovered.


If you manage to follow some of the tips in this article, you’ll be able to keep your kids’ teeth healthy during your vacation. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water, healthy snacks, and a few packets of sugarless gum before you leave. Also make sure that you pick up a few straws for the whole family.

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