5 tips for lifestyle bloggers

To establish yourself as a really great lifestyle blogger, attracting audiences far and wide, it’s essential to rise above the vast ocean of blogs out there – but how, exactly, can you do that? Consider these five essential tips to get you noticed all across the internet.

1. Your voice

Lifestyle blogging tipsThe whole point in having a lifestyle blog is to divulge and inform – you have to have something unique to say about whatever your chosen field is, whether fashion and style, health and fitness or anything else. Just regurgitating what others say won’t work – you need to come up with compelling reasons for your blog’s existence, and you need to have a clear and authoritative voice about your subject so that people are attracted to it. So basically, create value and ideas that people won’t get anywhere else.

2. Getting writing

Everyone can write, but not everyone can really write well. Your average person’s written text will be littered with all manner of errors, from syntax to grammar and punctuation. That’s even before they manage to elucidate what they want to say; it’s not always easy. As this is the internet, make sure your language is plain and clear – and never post anything without thoroughly vetting it for errors, because if they get though, they’ll turn people away.

Writing good blog posts

3. Sense of style

Think carefully about the design of your blog – what template design will you use and how will you make it as attractive as possible for visitors? Also consider what font best displays your text. Simply designed and elegant blogs often work best, and keep it free from clutter, as in lots of ads and add-ons that might ruin the reader experience.

Lifestyle blog designs

4. Grow your audience

Social networksHow do you let people know about your awesome blog? Do what everyone’s doing and get your message out via social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and others. Use relevant hashtags to draw attention to your blog posts, and follow journalists and others in the media in the hopes of getting noticed – and getting mentions.

5. Hack attacks

Antivirus softwareThe last thing you want when your blog is up and running and getting greater numbers of visitors is for someone to take it over and do whatever they like. It could be the ruination of all your efforts. At a time when hackers are increasing all kinds of attacks, including on prominent blogs, ensure you have strong defences to keep them out – at the very least have the best antivirus software installed on your computer and keep it updated to ward off the latest threats.

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