7 Drone Video Editing Tips in 3 Minutes

You may be very new to this arena or you might have been doing it for a while but are worried why you cannot gain enough views for your videos. It is high time you consider taking steps to improve video editing skills. There are some extra tips you might need to follow such as deleting a part of the footage from the video or adding an appropriate music and many more.

Let’s go through some tips or techniques on how to edit drone footage which include but are not limited to the following tips mentioned here.

  • Now the high quality cinematography with black bars top and bottom of the screen is a common in movies worldwide. This makes the videos look more cinematic when the video is letterboxed. To use the settings, it is unnecessary to alter the ratio settings, instead calculate the right proportions to resize the flick.. You can do this by adding a rectangle and then filling it up with black color on the top and bottom of the footage.
  • Another option is the text mask. this is the sought after option by professional videographers. Text mask is a video seen through the letters common in many TV series or movies.

How to do this?

Once you have started a project, add a text object to the timeline and enlarge it as required. Click on it twice to open a new tab and add the clip you want to be running in the background. Stretch the video .so that the entire text fits within it. Choose the blending mode from the program to us the text as a mask.

  • Silhouette text looks less distracting than the text mask and is very much more realistic than a normal solid title. To prepare this, add a text and make necessary adjustments using an inbuilt text editor on the top of the toolbar. Also the text color, contour and opacity level are editable as per preferences.
  • The production of displaying views shot from various angles /creating the “before and after” effects can be shown using split screens. The most convenient method to do the same is to place two videos side -by-side. Another way to use this feature is to shoot two videos of the same place at two different time periods to show your viewers the contrast between the two.

Drone footage do appear more appealing when theshot is taken from a nearby distance. To do this, try to make the drone fly up rather than making it fly down, also make it fly backward instead of making it fly forward. For instance, it is easier to shoot a person by flying the drone backwards instead of positioning it closer to his/her face

  • Motion Blur is highly recommended for drone video shoots as this makes the videos look more naturalistic and cinematic .Without the motion blur creates a “strong effect”. Do not make the drone fly at a high speed over irregular surfaces as doing so will cause the absence of natural blur. add fake motion blur during the video’s  post production.

During this post production try to crop out things you do not specifically need. For instance, a part of the photography equipment came up in the shot unintended. This can be removed from the shot and make sure that the picture still looks presentable even after cropping out the unnecessary part as this may cause degrading the overall video quality. If to reshoot instead of cropping if that option is available to maintain the quality to the highest standard possible. Many video editing software can zoom in and out of the video. If a zoom makes the scene more picturesque and add more effect.

  • Color correction and color grading is very important as the part of the post production work to get the footage or video looks more picturesque. There are many ways to make the color grade footage look more. It is important to accommodate various aspects of color grading such as the contrast, saturation and color change.
  • Dolly zoom is one of the recently introduced techniques used by filmmakers and drone videographers alike. It may look complex when seen in a video but this something that can be done within a few seconds and requires no expertise.

Drone footage helps us view the world from a bird’s-eye point of view which is why it looks more stunning than the conventional videos. Many professionals in other fields prefer their videos shot using the drones such as the travel bloggers to make their videos look surreal and out of the box. It is a well-established fact you need not be an expert in the field to come up with a stunning video of your own. Just follow the tips given in the article and you can come up with a Hollywood style video for your client.

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