7 Money-Saving Secrets You Need to Know About Hiring a Holiday Car

Going on holiday should be incredibly exciting, and people will spend months planning, arranging and getting excited about it. Now, if hiring a car is part of your plans, then there are various things you should know. The majority of people will usually wonder where to find a good car hire service? But it is more important that you focus on how to save money with them.

You often hear of bad experiences when it comes to hiring a holiday car. Services will try to sell aggressively, there is a long wait to receive your vehicle and hidden charges are some of the most common ones. But, if you do it right; hiring a holiday car can make your trip much simpler, smoother and much more enjoyable.

So, our consumer advice expert offers a guide to every aspect of hiring a car, from which insurance policy to buy to necessary checks before you drive away. These ideas will help you snag a cheaper rental car, and save money on your next road trip, whether it’s a weekend getaway or a cross-country journey.

Settle on the basic package

When you hire a car, you’ll be offered a ton of extras that you don’t need. You’ll typically be offered amazing CDW insurance, and provide things such as a spare tyre, wheel lock etc that you just don’t need.

Use your accessories

If you need things such as a satnav or child seats, then it’s cheaper to use your own. The rental service will attempt to sell you these things for extortionate prices. Plus, if you don’t have a satnav, most smartphones these days can be used as one.

Get your excess insurance

Like we’ve already mentioned, the rental service will offer you CDW insurance. But, it is significantly cheaper if you source your own. If you use independent insurance companies, you’ll most likely be able to find excess insurance for between 50% and 60% less.

Check the fuel policy

It’s crucial that you check the fuel policy, as you may end up paying unnecessary fees. For example, if the hire car comes with a full-to-empty policy but you aren’t going to drive that far, then you could pay for a full tank when you’ve only used half of it.

Photo the car before you leave

Photo the car before you leave so that you have evidence of any marks, scratches or any previous damage. This is to protect yourself in case the rental service charges you for any damage.

Photo the car when you return it

Similar to the last point; photo the car when you return it. This is to prove that the vehicle is in the same condition as when you acquired it. Again, this will protect you from any absurd claims.

Check the mileage

It’s crucial that you search for any mileage limits in the rental agreement. This is because if there is a limit and you exceed it, you’ll end up paying much more money depending how much you go over.

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