Advice for Travel In Hot Countries 

Traveling can be extremely tiring (and thrilling) at the best of times, and throw in very warm temperatures and high humidity, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for heat exhaustion and seriously sweaty experience.

Advice for travel in hot countriesSome heat disorders can be reasonably minor and are more irritating than anything else, like rashes, fainting, swelling of the hands, feet, and legs, and also muscle cramps.

Some, however, are more troubling and are best avoided by staying out of the sun during its hottest hours, drinking plenty of water to counteract your inevitable loss of fluids and to curb the likelihood of suffering from dehydration, and avoiding physical activity. 

Research Where You’re Going 

If you’re traveling to Spain, and even Greece, Italy, Costa Rica, or Mexico, then you can expect to have a short nap during the afternoon to avoid the soaring heat outside. Many small shops will close during this time, so depending on where you are in the world, try and pack your provisions before these places shut. Holy land tour packages are increasingly popular among Christians who wish to bring the scripture to life and renew their faith. The Middle East sees some of the hottest temperatures on earth, so if you’re going there, then you need to make sure you choose your attire carefully, indulge in spicy food, and refrain from having cold showers.  

Plan Ahead 

Plan your journeys before you take them, and look to see how far you’re going to have to walk by foot and how long the distance is expected to take using alternative methods of transport like bus or car. Figure out how you plan to stay cool and comfortable whilst traveling through any hot country and take into account travel times, how far you’ll be from somewhere to purchase water, whether the area you’re entering is rife with mosquitos, how long you’ll be exposed to the sun, and what supplies will be necessary for you to take. 

Wake Up Early 

Take advantage of the hours in the morning when the day isn’t quite as hot as it will be later. If you’ve got a journey to make, then consider trying to make it early in the morning before the sun has risen or after nightfall. You can’t control the timing of plane journeys. However, you can decide when you’re going to make your move to the next hotel or hostel or to explore each destination. Before you set off, ensure that you’ve covered exposed areas of skin in high factor sun cream, you’re wearing comfortable shoes, and you have enough water to last you the day. 

Check For Air Conditioning 

Before booking to stay at an establishment, read through the listing and make sure there’s an air-con unit present in the room. Many taxi and cab services in hot countries have air conditioning, but always check inside before getting in and making your way from A to B. If you have no choice but to take a cab without air-con, then be sure to open the windows, stay hydrated for the duration of the drive, and take a small handheld fan with you to try and regulate some of the air inside. 

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