Become a gambling nomad in Playa Del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen might not be the first place you think of when it comes to online poker and casinos, but since 2011 it’s become a veritable hub for those that make a living in the virtual realm. Online gamblers are the epitome of the nomadic digital life and since the industry boomed back in 2004 literally thousands of 20 to 30 year-olds have found a way to make a living from home using their laptop. Unfortunately, for online poker and casino pros in the US, April 2011 signalled the end of their ability to log into their favourite online gambling platform.

Searching for a New Light after Black Friday Bomb

Dubbed Black Friday by those in the industry, the incident effectively shutdown the igaming industry in the US overnight and forced hundreds of players to flee the country in search of pastures new. Although a huge blow for those that made their living using the internet, the benefits of being a digital nomad are such that it was possible for punters to up sticks and download themselves into a new location.

Playa Del Carmen

For some the destination was overseas to places such as Thailand or the Isle of Man. For many, however, Playa Del Carmen became “home”. Having undergone a massive transformation over the last few years, the Mexican city is now home to a slew of luxury apartments, up-market restaurants and golden beaches skirting the Caribbean Sea. Not only that, but Playa Del Carmen is just a few hours of travelling time (by air) from the US, which means many players can make the trip to Las Vegas or any other live gambling outlet in the country with relative ease.

The Playa Del Carmen Factsheet

  • Located along the Caribbean Sea in the State of Quintana Roo, Mexico.
  • Population: 150,000 approximately.
  • Founded in 1937
  • Time Zone: CST (UTC-6) / Central Daylight Time (UTC-5)
  • Government Mayor: José Mauricio Gongora Escalante.
  • Originally a small fishing town but now home to a booming luxury tourism industry.
  • Aside from fishing and tourism, Playa Del Carmen has a local football club called Inter Playa Del Carmen.
  • Notable Residents: WSOP bracelet winner Barry Shulman, David Guetta, Mexican hotel tycoons Carlos Couturier and Moises Micha and fashion designer Tony Burch.

Location Independent gambler

Ante Up in Mexico

Playa Del Carmen gambling onlineEssentially, Playa Del Carmen has now become a place where online gamblers from the US can access virtual platforms such as SuperCasino. Sometimes an unexpected event can cause a seismic shift in your life and that’s exactly what happened to online gamblers in the US post-Black Friday.

Forcing them to choose between being unemployed or becoming a digital nomad, this event has unwittingly injected some new life into a small fishing village in Mexico. Moreover, Black Friday helped push a group of otherwise settled professionals into a life beyond their norm.

Whether it was a good thing or not will be for them to decide, but there’s no doubt that thanks to the power of technology and some open minds, a lot more people are now able to enjoy the benefits of an unrestricted lifestyle in Playa Del Carmen.

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