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One way to create a stronger bond with the people you love is to escape on a family trip somewhere fun and exciting you’ll all appreciate.

It’s a good idea to think in advance about what it’ll take to make sure your travel experience is smooth and memorable.

Be proactive and view this project as a chance for you to bring everyone together and simply relax and enjoy spending time away from your jobs and schoolwork. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to make it perfect, but do take the time to figure out the details and get everyone onboard to have a good vacation.

family travel advice

Pick A Destination as A Group

As the parent, it’ll be tempting to want to plan out where you’re going on your own, but consider having a family meeting to get input from everyone. It’s a good way to make sure each person’s voice is heard, and you consider all the different possibilities for where you could travel to next.

Make a list and do some research so you can narrow down the best option based on your budget and the time of year.

You’ll have a better trip if you each feel like part of the planning process and are looking forward to visiting the chosen destination.

Plan Ahead

You need to plan ahead if want to help guarantee all goes well on your next travel adventure. Don’t sit around waiting until the last minute to get it together and hope that all the pieces fall into place.

It’s important to think about what you’re going to pack and purchase any necessary equipment you’ll need well in advance. For example, shop for a new camera to take pictures, or sort some camping accessories from a place like Campsmart if that’s what you’ll be doing.

Camping is a fun idea, but you need to make sure you have the right supplies if you’re going to be away in the woods with your family. If you decide to travel on an airplane and visit somewhere warm then encourage everyone to pack light and make it easier on yourselves to get around.

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Create Memories by Participating in Various Activities

Part of the planning process also includes figuring out what activities you may want to do while you’re at your destination. There are usually a wide variety of options if you take the time to do your homework or call and ask the hotel what they recommend.

You’ll want to make sure there are plenty of activities for the kids that you can choose from to keep them entertained and satisfied. Participating in various events and excursions is a great way to create family memories that will last you a lifetime.

Bring the camera and capture the most important moments so you can look back and remember what a great experience you all had together.

Get Plenty of Rest and Sleep

What you don’t want to do is travel when you’re tired or stay up late when you’re on your trip and feel like you’re dragging yourself around. The same goes for your spouse and kids. You want to encourage everyone to get plenty of rest and sleep before and during the getaway.

Go to bed early the night leading up to the trip and book a comfortable hotel where everyone feels safe and can get a good night’s sleep.

Stay busy during the day and wear yourselves out, so you all feel tired and ready for bed when nighttime rolls around. Overdoing it and not allowing time for breaks and rest will take a toll on your family, and you’ll soon all feel exhausted and crabby.

Avoid this situation by making sleep a priority and not trying to do too much in a single day.

Unplug & Enjoy the Moment

As the adults, it’ll be tempting to want to work on vacation or be on your phones and computers but try to unplug when you’re away. While you may need to check in every so often, try not to make it a regular occurrence and spend all your waking hours on your devices. This takes away from you trying to bond as a group and spend quality time with your kids.

Be in the moment and slow your racing thoughts by practicing some quiet meditation techniques and being content with where you are at the time. It may help if you participate in some relaxing activities yourself like getting a massage or going for a swim.

Start conversations with each other and talk as a family, instead of having your head buried in your electronics and you’ll likely have a more fun family travel experience.

Have Meals as A Family

Use your trip as an opportunity to relax and enjoy meals as a family. There’s truly no excuse for not eating together when you’re away and don’t have to attend to your usual responsibilities and tasks. Switch off who gets to pick the restaurant or cuisine and have fun trying the local foods and environment.

It’s a good idea to check ahead and make a reservation if possible, so you don’t have to wait in a line when you’re tired and hungry. This will be an especially rewarding experience for you if it’s difficult to find the time to eat together when you’re back at home.

Think of conversation starters ahead of schedule, so you make the most out of these precious hours spent with the ones you love.


If you’re going to spend the money on a family trip, then you’ll want to make certain you put in the time and energy it takes to plan it outright. Don’t leave a lot up to chance if you want to enjoy yourselves once you’ve finally reached your destination.

Think and plan ahead to reduce the chance for any surprises or unwanted events. Have fun being together and take pleasure in each other’s company because it’s not every day you get to escape to a beautiful place as a family.

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