Best Gifts for Travellers 2017 

If you know someone who loves to travel, you know how much he or she would appreciate great travel-related gifts. These gifts make travelling easier and more fun, or help to remind you of the excitement of a new trip or the sweet memories of your previous journeys. Here are a few gift ideas that fit the description – the best gifts for travellers 2017.

Passport protection

You need to have your travel documents at hand and your passport can see a lot of things, travelling around the world. Keep those documents in pristine condition and safely tucked in your luggage with the help of a cute passport protector. has a great selection of passport protectors available, ensuring you get something that suits the style of a female or male traveller.

Stylish backpack

Some travellers have truly learnt the secrets of packing lightly. For these masterminds, a stylish backpack is a great gift – they won’t need much more than that for a good holiday. If you want a backpack that looks good, but also has enough space for those outfits, snacks and travel gadgets, check out the Poketo Weekender bag.

Smart luggage

The first nervous breakdowns usually happen when you go check-in your luggage. The dreaded notice of “Sir/Madam, the bag is overweight” can catch everyone off-guard. But you don’t have to worry about it with smart luggage. A50 Set, available at, is a lightweight luggage with a built-in scale. Similar solutions are available with other big brands as well.

Thoughtful travel organisers

Sometimes packing is simply just hard. If you’re going on a long holiday, getting your makeup, toiletries and clothes in a single luggage can seem like mission impossible. Luckily, travel organisers have come to the rescue, turning packing into a more fun, puzzle like activity. For your chic friend, the Pattern Ladies Travel Pouch set from is a must-have. If you’re looking for something for your male friends, the Ted Baker collection has plenty of stylish options from organisers for travel documents to toiletries.

Soothing face mist

Flying can be rather harsh on your skin and it’s often hard to look at your best right after step out of the plane. Luckily, skin technologies are improving the situation and every traveller would love to get their hands on the latest technology: skin-soothing mist. Dewy Skin Mist comes in travel size and the milky softness of the mist will nourish and hydrate your skin during travels.

Sneaky cocktail kit

If your friend appreciates a bit of cheeky behaviour, you should consider buying them a sneaky cocktail kit for one. Old Fashion Carry-On Kit from W & P Design is a fun and tasty gift idea. If you can sneak it into their luggage, it can be a nice surprise when they arrive at the hotel exhausted.

Old-fashioned entertainment

In the era of smartphones and lightweight tablets, we’ve almost forgetting about the trusted book. But books still make great in-flight entertainment and are perfect gifts for travellers. The season’s must-have books include A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara, The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead, and Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple. You can, of course, get these as an electronic version as well rather than print.

Proper trainers

Travelling is not easy on the feet. Whether you are going for a city break or a beach holiday, you’ll need to do a bit of walking – you can’t get to your destination without taking a few steps. Now, surprise your loved one this year with football sneakers – the best types of shoes for backpackers and business people who need to have an extra spring in their step.  If you are tired to look around you can jump to which has a great selection of affordable options from Puma to Nike.

Noise-cancelling headphones

Holidays are about relaxation. Unfortunately, the travelling bit is not often the most peaceful of experiences with other passengers ensuring no one on the plane or train sleeps. Give your friend the option to start the holiday in an instant and pick up noise-cancelling headphones. You can pick your favourite from the What Hi-Filist, which has a good selection of options available for different budgets.

Silky sleep aid

Aside from the noise, the lights can keep you up when travelling as well. If you want to ensure your friend has a good night’s sleep, a silky sleep aid, such as an eye mask is a perfect gift idea. You can find these from most department stores and online stores. For example, try the Slip Silk Eye Mask from

The above gifts are bound to put a smile on a traveller’s face this year. The list also has a lot to choose from depending on your budget. So, pick your favourite and surprise your loved one with a thoughtful and fun gift!

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