Discover Europe: Top 20 Destinations For Uninspired Creatives

As a blogger, I am always on the hunt for new sources of inspiration for my work and writing. Over the past few years, I’ve discovered that there is no better way to get inspired than to go off traveling and experience new places and cultures.

There is no more inspiring continent than Europe, and many famous authors and artists have found inspiration and motivation for their work in many of the different countries.

Are you an uninspired creative? Here are the 20 top European destinations you should visit to find your spark again!

Dublin, Ireland

Stop off at the Guinness Brewery for a quick taste of Ireland’s most famous drink before exploring the city’s pretty streets. Many authors have written some famous books in Ireland’s capital, such as James Joyce and Michael Scott. So, why not follow in their footsteps and start your next novel in this beautiful city.

2) Berlin, Germany

Berlin is soaked in history, so there is no wonder that it has inspired work based on World War Two and the division of the city caused by the Berlin Wall. There are lots of interesting museums and galleries in the city these days, all of which will stir up some inspiration within you. If that doesn’t seem to do it, head out to the Gruenewald forest for some picturesque walks.

3) London, England

There is so much going on, you might have a difficult decision deciding what to do! But at least you will have plenty of ideas for stories and blog posts from being so active and busy! If you want to try and catch a glimpse of the royal family, visit Buckingham Palace right in the center of the city. For more royal inspiration, Windsor Castle isn’t too far away by train.

4) Paris, France

How about a trip to the capital of love? It is said that there is no more romantic place to be in the world than Paris so, if you have been planning to write the next 50 Shades of Grey, you might want to book a few nights here. During your visit, you could visit the famous Moulin Rouge to take in a show or go shopping down the Champs Elysees.

5) Venice, Italy

Most people just want to sit back and relax while they are on vacation, and you can do just that while bobbing down one of Venice’s many canals. Punting is a very popular way to see the city, and it gives you the perfect chance to unwind as you watch the world go by!

6) Rome, Italy

If you love art and fine food, then there is no better destination than Rome. The city has been inspiring artists for centuries – just look at all the Renaissance artworks and architecture there is to offer! Whether you want to write a travel post, food blog, or are interested in setting your novel in Rome, there is plenty here that will inspire you!


7) Barcelona, Spain

George Orwell set his book, “Homage to Catalonia” in Barcelona, and a host of other well-regarded novels have also been set in this Spanish city. There is some stunning architecture throughout the city, but one of the must-see pieces has to be Gaudi’s famous Parc Güell. You can find out more about Gaudi’s time in Barcelona here.

8) Reykjavik, Iceland

The Travelsphere tours of Iceland give you a taste of everything the whole country offers. You spend some nights in bustling Reykjavik as well as a couple of nights out in the wild countryside. If Reykjavik’s unique culture doesn’t inspire you, then seeing the Northern Lights surely will!


9) St. Petersburg, Russia

Russia may have a completely different flavor to anywhere else in the world, but many travelers agree that St. Petersburg has some European flair. There are beautiful works of art and elegant statues waiting for you in the Hermitage Museum, and you can also see some of the world’s most famous eggs in the Faberge Museum. Oh, and don’t forget to sample some proper Russian vodka!

10) Provence, France

If you think Paris might be too busy for you, why not head to France’s scenic countryside? The absolutely fantastic views and landscapes will surely inspire you to write some beautiful travel prose. Plus, thanks to the variety of this area, you could stay in the rolling countryside or choose accommodation on the picture-perfect coastline. The choice is yours!

11) Copenhagen, Denmark

If you have always been slightly in tune with your childish side, visit Copenhagen, the home of Hans Christian Anderson. This Scandinavian capital might tempt you to start writing some children’s stories or fairy tales. Be sure to visit the Little Mermaid in the harbor – she will surely fill you with some wonderful ideas!

12) The Fjords, Norway

If you want some peace and quiet, then you can’t go wrong with visiting Norway’s Fjords. The closest cities to them are Bergen and Stavanger, and most visitors stop off for a few nights in either of these to soak up some city life. The best way to travel up the Fjords is to take a ferry trip. Remember to pack your hiking books as there will be plenty of opportunities to explore the rolling countryside!

13) Lisbon, Portugal

If you are thinking about going away this summer, it’s not too late to book a trip to Lisbon. When the weather is good, the beaches are the perfect places to hang out. They are great for people watching so anyone who needs some inspiration for characters will find this city very useful! Take a walk up Lisbon’s hilly outskirts to get to the historic area to soak up some traditional Iberian culture.

14) Orkney, Scotland

Do you enjoy bracing scenery and rugged countryside? If so, you will absolutely love the Orkney Isles, just off the coast of Scotland! Some of the islands are more remote than others. If you don’t want to feel completely isolated, spend your time in Kirkwall, Orkney’s biggest town. By the end of your time on the islands, your writing will be as good as Orkney’s most famous contemporary writer!

15) Prague, Czech Republic

Why not follow in Franz Kafka’s footsteps in the city of Prague? This historic capital city is a fantastic destination for history aficionados. Stroll over the Charles Bridge and head up to the big castle, which has been overlooking the city for centuries.

16) Lake Garda, Italy

Lake Garda is Italy’s biggest lake, so that means you can expect to unwind by the water, taking in the pretty views and catching up on your holiday reading! There are also plenty of hiking trails that snake through the gorgeous Italian countryside. So, for those of you who want to be active as well as well-relaxed, book a stay in one of Lake Garda’s cozy lakeside retreats.

17) Gothenburg, Sweden

Want to experience Scandinavian cool and style? Then spend a week in Gothenburg! This is a very laid-back city, and you will find that many people spend their afternoons in the many buzzy bars, cafes, and restaurants. Things work at a much slower pace here in Gothenburg, so there is plenty of time to relax and get to work on your writing or sketching!

18) Rhodes, Greece

Are you looking for great food, awesome scenery, and lots of history? You need to book a trip to the island of Rhodes! Rhodes has everything you’ve ever wanted from a holiday destination, and it has fabulous beaches to boot. It’s also well-placed near other Greek islands so you will be able to easily go travel hopping. But no one can blame you for wanting to remain on Rhodes; it truly is beautiful.


19) Krakow, Poland

Krakow isn’t such a tourist hotspot as some of the other destinations on this list – at least not yet, anyway – so you will certainly escape the crowds when you visit here. Walking around the city is a great way to see all the awe-inspiring buildings and churches here. Make sure you take a walk to the 16th-century Wawel Castle and its museum. It has some beautiful artwork inside, dating back to the Renaissance period. For a somber day out, take the hour’s drive to Auschwitz, a former concentration camp.

20) Bavaria, Germany

If you have always liked the idea of spending a week exploring fairy tale castles, think about going to Bavaria for your next vacation. The most famous of all the fairy tale castles has to be Neuschwanstein Castle, which is just a 70 minute drive from the city of Munich. But just working your way through the Bavarian countryside is a great way to spot gorgeous castles, as there are many dotted through the forests and on top of hills.

Don’t let your lack of inspiration prevent you from working on your writing or artwork. You just need to book a trip to one of these awesome European destinations! Once you arrive, you will certainly feel your creative juices start to flow again!

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