How to make the most of every country

The joy of being a digital nomad is the increased ability to travel slowly.

Slow travel is economically, environmentally, and socially the best way to travel, and if you have managed to detach yourself from responsibilities back home and can make an income wherever you are situated, then you are all ready to start your slow travel journey. 

The crux of slow travel is that instead of staying in hostels or hotels, you rent your own place. You live there, you get to know the city or town or area you choose more intimately than those who are only there for a few days.

You can make friends, and experience the world more wholly. To make the most of that experience, you need to take it slow and turn to the locals and the possibility of settling in one place for a number of months.

Learn from the Locals 

From social media to sites like Airbnb, there are so many ways to find classes to learn from the locals. Be taught in traditional cooking techniques, or learn how to weave a rug, repair a teapot, or dance. Find a local teacher who is trying to spread his or her heritage to the world. Learn from them, and not only will you learn more about your destination that you could otherwise you will also be helping the local economy directly, instead of paying more to a big corporation. 

Learn the Language 

When you are a visitor in another country, it is only right that you learn the language. While for short-term visitors a few phrases in their host nation’s mother tongue are enough to get by, for slow travellers it is only right to learn more. You don’t have to be able to hold up a personal conversation, but by putting in the effort to learn the language, you can get around better, integrate more, and show your host country and its people the respect they deserve. Check out the Memrise app for a great place to start.

memrise language learning app

Experience Local Events 

Another reason why slow travel is so great is that you have the time to actually see local events, rather than try to squeeze in all the tourist top ten sights. Head over to and see what’s available, or keep an eye on social media or even local bulletins to see what is on around you.

By experiencing what’s on, instead of what’s there, you can enjoy your destination in a whole new light. 

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Make Your Own Way 

Find your own favourite restaurants, make home in your local café, make friends with those in your neighbourhood, and with time you’ll make your own way in your host country. There is no reason to rush when you travel slowly, you can experience life there in a whole new way.

So long as you get out there, explore, and make friends, you’re sure to have the time of your life. 

Slow travel is great not only for the enhanced experience, but because you can contribute more to the community. Slow travel is more sustainable, and it can help you build up memories that will last you a lifetime. 

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