Malaysia is a world away from Canada, Dorothy!

As I sit here writing this article it’s 8:30am and a sheen of sweat is already taking residence on my skin.  Malaysia is a world away from Canada, Dorothy!

The cold of a Canadian ski resort is a very distant memory after spending the last two months complaining about the heat of South-East Asia.  I didn’t really expect that coming back to the heat of Malaysia would be as difficult as it has been.

I’ve never been the biggest fan of the heat or the sun.

Given that I am one of the whitest men on the planet (and that’s literal, not just me referring to my (in)ability to dance) the sun and I have never gotten along very well.  I like the cooler weather.  So spending 7 weeks in a ski resort doing a snowboarding course is much more me than sitting on a hot beach with sand getting into all my creases!

One of the reasons that the website exists, is to help people realise their dreams, whatever they may be.  It’s about helping people to earn money anywhere in the world so that they can do, or see, the things that they are passionate about.  For some, it’s visiting every country in the world without flying. For others it’s about living more in the moment.  Not spending every moment working to save enough money to live in a wonderful retirement!

As much as I don’t like what has become of the term “lifestyle design” I do think it still accurately defines what the website is all about.

We can design a house.

We can design or organise a party.

Why can’t we consciously design our lifestyles?

Do you want to spend more time travelling, studying languages, doing yoga or exercising?  Choosing to design your lifestyle is a very powerful thing.  The rewards are huge but it can also take a lot of preparation if you don’t already have a portable career like computer programming, share trading or many other types of internet dependant work.

There are some wonderful hints and tips about this, if you are interested, in the NuNomad book written by the previous owners of this website.

In today’s hectic lifestyle it isn’t often that we get to follow our passion.  But this is exactly what a group of people do every year when they sign up to Gap Year programs like SnowSkool’s Instructor courses.  These courses are run in a number of countries around the world each year and they provide an opportunity for people to really follow their passion.

In the past 12 months I have been lucky enough to snowboard on 3 different continents.  It’s been a fantastic time in which my wife has learned to LOVE skiing.  We’ve also been able to foster a passion for skiing and all things snow-sports in our 5 & 7 year old children.  Although it’s taken lots and lots of lessons, both of our children are now proficient enough skiers that they can safely get around most areas of the mountain (excluding black runs or ridiculously difficult blue runs that even we’d find challenging!)

This past Northern Hemisphere winter, I spent 4 weeks participating in a snowboard instructor course at Big White Ski Resort  in Canada.

It was an amazing 4 weeks.

I had the opportunity to meet a bunch of guys and girls who were all trying to design their lifestyle to allow them to follow their passion.  This was magic to see.

As with all courses there were varying degrees of outcomes.  Some people were successful in completely their Level 1 & Level 2 accreditations and others just managed their Level 1 accreditation.  But the opportunity and effort was there for all of the participants and that for me is the most important thing.

These people were all willing to take a risk to design the lifestyle that they wanted.  They weren’t sitting back passively and letting life happen to them.  They were choosing a new direction and taking the steps required for them to achieve it.

What is your passion?

How would you like to design your lifestyle?

Why don’t you share it with us in the comments?  You never know, someone here might just be able to help you make it happen!


  1. Long story short – I have a landlord who is a scumlord and so I’m moving at the end of

    August if everything goes according to plan. The next three months will be spent extremely frugal and saving money for a cargo van to start converting. So far I’ve told four people who are friends / acquaintances (I think) and only one has been completely supportive.

    The other people I know? I know them…but that’s really about it. I’m still building my self-confidence because I didn’t realize until I started organizing, packing and sorting how much a car accident that lead me to where I am now took away my self-confidence. I’ve come to
    the conclusion that I’m a novice pack rat and that’s not me. Funny enough one of the best quotes I’ve read came from a dark and twisted novel – Fight Club

    “The things you own end up owning you. It’s only after you lose everything that you’re free to do anything.” – Chuck Palahniuk

    I’m designing my lifestyle

  2. You have a nice blog. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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