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Bali cost of living

Indonesia destinations for location independent living

Indonesia is an island nation of around 17,000 islands, popular with tourists and a bulging populating of some 250 million! Its a well connected, well located and humid place to live and its also a […]

How to be a digital nomad?

Taking your first steps as a digital nomad

One of the greatest things about the digital revolution is the way that it has helped many of us escape the treadmill of the Monday to Friday office job. With a careful bit of planning, […]

backpacking in asia

Three Good Reasons to Hit the Road

Every once in a while we all find ourselves in a place where hitting the road for a bit of travel just seems the best solution. It doesn’t really matter what your reason is for […]

Work while travelling

The 3 big issues of being a digital nomad

Being a digital nomad is a life changing experience and I whole-heartedly recommend you take the leap and go location independent. But getting to that point does present some challenges we all have to face. […]

Backpacking with my gadgets

What is it really like to live out of a backpack

There is an interesting trend among nomads that I have read about a lot lately: living out of a backpack. This is the ultimate nomad lifestyle, apparently, with all your belongings fitting into a bag […]

How to save and spend while being location independent

When it comes to living location independently here’s one theme we get asked more about than any other and that’s money. It seems to be everyone’s biggest worry. Taking them leap from the familiar and […]

Location independence

Building a temporary home in your next destination

Being a digital Nomad is difficult, and things can often turn out to be worse if you have to settle down at the particular place for a certain period. In this situation, you might have […]

Iguanas in costa rica

Location independent in Costa Rica

The little central American country of Costa Rica gets around 2 million tourists visiting each year. Not bad for a country with less than 5 million inhabitants. Its a testament to the jaw dropping beauty of […]

Apartments in Paris

Things to look for when renting property abroad

Holidays abroad offer exceptional opportunities for exploring new environments. Whether you are planning a short-term city break or a longer term rural or coastal stay, the accommodation you choose often turns out to be the […]

Location indepence in winter

Location independence in winter months

When most people think of location independence they have visions of lounging in a hammock, sipping a cocktail on the beach and maybe working from your laptop next to the pool. While this is entirely […]