Planning Your 2018 Travel Bucket List!

The summer is coming to an end, and before we know it it will be time to put out the Halloween decorations- closely followed by Christmas lights. Most of our travel plans will have been and gone by now, and with things starting to draw to a close now is a good time to start planning next year’s bucket list. Working out where you’d like to go and the things you would like to do- that way there’s plenty of time to get saving and work out the logistics. Here are some travel ideas for your 2018 bucket list!

Be A Tourist In Your Home Town/ City

Travelling somewhere new is fantastic- it allows us to see how other cultures live, we can meet new people and see new things. But there’s a lot of interesting things to do everywhere in the world, and that includes the place right under your own feet. You probably overlook your own town or city since you’ve grown up around it and become desensitized to it. But go out and see it with fresh eyes, go to the places tourists go. Stay in a hotel, eat at a restaurant and visit the places it has to offer. If you live in the countryside you could go on hikes and bike rides and go camping with friends- chances are these are things you haven’t done in your area in many years. It’s affordable, convenient and you will have much more fun than you realized!

Volunteer Abroad

If you have a roof over your head, clothes on your back and food in your cupboards you’re already much better off than a huge proportion of the world. For this reason, if you’re able to give back in any way then you should. Third world countries especially are crying out for volunteers, people who can help to construct buildings, teach basic numeracy and literacy to children and so much more. You don’t need any particular skills, just being there and providing the extra manpower helps massively. There are often programs you can sign up to which offer free accommodation in return for help and labor, it gives you the chance to travel and know you’re doing your bit for humankind too.

Visit a Natural Wonder

It could be a waterfall like Victoria Falls or Niagara Falls, it could be viewing the Northern Lights, it could be seeing spectacular animals like whales migrating. Either way, aiming to see one of the world’s unusual natural phenomenon will take your breath away and give you fond memories to look back on forever. Sure, man made attractions like the Statue of Liberty or Golden Gate Bridge are breathtaking, but even more so when it’s a naturally occurring wonder.

Go Backpacking

It might not be relaxing in a luxury hotel, but backpacking gives you a whole different way to see the world. When you’re traveling by foot and public transport, you can fully immerse yourself in a culture, and generally get to understand it in a way that just isn’t possible when you’re on a regular or luxury vacation. Pack up your kit, plan your route and enjoy seeing a destination from this perspective.

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