The Art of Staying Sane When You Share a Suitcase

Okay, so you’re living the destination-free life you’ve always wanted. You and your partner can work anywhere and do anything, and you have the time and money to keep doing it as long as you want. But there’s one thing that’s really bothering you…

…why oh why do we still share a suitcase?

A Word On Suitcases

So, you’ve been together a while, the nomad life is brilliant, but sharing luggage is a novelty that feels like it wore off before it had even gotten started. What’s there to do about it?

First of all, keep doing it! I know you were expecting me to say go and buy half a dozen extra bags, but all that will do is tie you down and make criss-crossing the globe next to impossible. Remember why you’re doing it that way, stick with it, and then put some of the following golden pieces of advice into action.

Take a Risk When You Can Afford it

The nomad way of life is so chilled out and relaxing that it can sometimes to be a little too easy if you know what I mean. Sometimes you need a little shot in the arm and a spark of excitement to get your blood pumping. Something as simple as a sugarhouse promo code landing in your lap can get you excited for half an hour. Not only is it a great way to blow off a little steam (even a nomad needs to do that from time to time) but you might just win enough to pay for your next destination. Now that would be ideal wouldn’t it folks!

And if you’re travelling with kids here’s a handy project that’ll help you keep the little ones entertained too

Reminisce About How You Used to Live

A wise man once said: “remember the days when you used to dream about everything you have right now.” Never has a truer word been said in my opinion, and yet it’s something few of us take the time to do.

If you find yourself getting annoyed by your partner, or irked by some lagging WiFi, take a timeout and remember what life used to be like. What you tell yourself back in the day about how your life would unfold? I can’t imagine you’d talk about all the freedom you’d have, and then get distracted by a few nagging little annoying things would you?

how to relax when travelling

Fall Back in Love With the Simple Things in Life

If you really want to be able to make the most of your time on the road, then you need to learn to love the simple things in life again. All too often when you’re starting to get a bit annoyed by little things, it’s because you’ve forgotten how to get enjoyment and pleasure from simple everyday things.

Not everything that makes you smile has to be a grand gesture or an expensive meal at an exclusive restaurant. Chill out, watch the sunset with some wine, then beat the sun and watch the sunrise with a coffee.

You’re a NuNomad now, so you do whatever feels right my friend!

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