Worried about getting sick abroad? Here’s what you should do

Falling sick abroad is something that all travellers worry about. Whether you’re in a group or on your own, falling ill in a foreign country can be extremely debilitating. Most travellers advise having some sort of plan in place to follow if you become ill. So, here you’ll find some helpful tips that’ll make you feel better if you fall ill abroad. 

sick abroad what to doRemember, getting sick abroad is something none of us want to experience but having insurance in place is vital for every traveller if they need emergency medical assistance. Be smart and put some in place before you travel. 


If you’ve finally reached your destination but have fallen ill during your travels, the thing you’ll want to do the most is head out, explore and immerse yourself in the new culture around you. Despite this, you’ll need to rest. Taking a couple of days complete bed rest will do your body the world of good. Especially if you’ve been on the road for a while. Your body is telling you it needs rest, so listen to it. 

Always seek medical advice

If the symptoms persist for more than 48 hours, then it’s recommended that you seek medical advice. Especially if you already suffer from an ongoing medical condition. If you’re suffering from diarrhoea or a sickness bug, you must be wary of becoming dehydrated. Staying in a hotel? Speak to the hotel staff and let them know you need to see a Dr. 

Enjoy a guided tour

What if you’re only in your destination for a day or two? If you feel up to it, then why not take advantage of a guided bus/coach tour of local landmarks and places of interest instead? You won’t need to do very much, just sit back and enjoy the little bit of culture you’re seeing. It might not be the same as finding your own way and exploring on foot under your own steam, but it’s better than missing out and feeling sorry for yourself.

Enjoy the amenities

Stuck in a hotel? Why not make the most of it? You might as well enjoy a little luxury while you’re travelling. That money you’d put aside for a fancy meal out tonight? Spend it on room service instead. Relax in fresh, crisp bedsheets and watch a movie. Try to take advantage of your hotels endless supply of hot water too. It’ll relax your aching muscles and even clear your sinuses too. Don’t forget to wrap yourself up in the fluffy towels. You might be feeling better sooner than you think! 


You’re in a hot country, feeling ill. You can’t keep anything down…but make sure you’re still drinking water. Even little sips are better than nothing. Even if you’re ill and travelling on to your next stop, there’s nothing worse than sitting in a cold plane with dry air. Drink plenty of fluids – but avoid things like caffeine if you can as these have the opposite effect.

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