Your African Staycation

South Africa should be on everyone’s top five travel destination list, at the very least their top ten. Whether they’ve caught the travel bug or not, South Africa has everything, literally, everything. Did you hear that South Africans? We have everything! Our country is not only rich and diverse in culture, but its landscapes, crystal blue oceans, rolling mountains, wild life and wide open beaches are truly magnificent! Our people are hospitable, inspiring and friendly; our weather is almost perfect, our foods diverse, — all of these factors and more combine to position South Africa at the very forefront as THE travel destination.

And blazing all travel packages — are our outdoor safari’s ( which are our trump card). There is nothing that truly feeds the mind, body and soul more than a safari. It’s something felt. Reconnecting with Mother Nature in all her splendor and realness is often a deeply spiritual experience. The fresh air in your lungs, the intimate lifestyle you share with the wild — both big and small, the historic cultural diversity of South Africans, the authentic cuisine with its modern twist as well as the big white fluffy robes! Or perhaps you prefer an adrenaline bush trail through the wild with our experienced guides!

This is real!

Yes, there will be animals — no, we will not be riding them to work but you will be able to travel on horseback or walk alongside next to them, to see them live, to walk through their homes and respectfully observe their lives’. It’s exhilarating and romantic, joyful and tragic, raw and real, private and profound, and provides a perfect balance and harmony that can only be experienced with being so close and personal with Nature.

It’s rediscovering your roots, your past. It’s a still, quiet, peaceful time — for YOU – To reconnect, to reflect, to relax — on and in the land, you call home. It’s magic, and it’s ours. It’s the heart Chakra of the world. It should be experienced, not just by those who live abroad. South Africans are so caught up in the idea of a holiday abroad, so easily swayed by tropical Thailand and peaceful Nepal, that they tend to forget that we have a culturally rich, out the box holiday destination of our own, and in our very backyards…Well, some of our backyards. Travelling shouldn’t be about distance; it should be about experience and the opportunity for self-growth. This is what the bush offers you — as well as enough sun rises your Instagram can handle and more than adequate picturesque moments to make your Facebook friends jealous.

‘Safari’ and ‘budget’ are not often found in the same sentence. Safaris can be notoriously expensive holidays, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. It’s not just for the rich and famous or the people with Euro. There are a variety of ways to see the ‘bush’ and have the experience of a lifetime, whether you’re a camper or a glamper there is an affordable option for you. Accommodation ranges from tents, chalets, cabins, lodges and for those big spenders, who live La Vida Loca, there are even villas. To travel is a luxury itself so don’t be afraid to spend money just because it’s your currency. In fact, one should be encouraged — it only does better than it harms.

So, if you’re tired of forgettable over crowded beach holidays, traffic, long queues, hot and sticky, wind and sand in uncomfortable places, hotel pools run over with rowdy kids, poor service, expensive over rated restaurants, sunburn and small starchy towels. Come nurture and indulge yourself and your loved ones. Take a deep breath and look around. Everything you’ve wanted in a holiday is right in front of you. There is a reason why people abroad spending thousands of Rands and many hours trying to get to a Safari. It’s a significant and deeply impressionable holiday, a once in a lifetime experience.

So next time that travels bug bites and your feet begin itching for some adventure, for something new. Don’t be so quick to go abroad, now that’s not to say that the world isn’t your oyster and you shouldn’t explore its wonders but look around you first. You might be surprised just how much there is to see right here at home. Its guaranteed to surpass all five senses because the bush isn’t something you see or hear, but it’s something felt.

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