How to combat the five main things that go wrong in a business trip

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Ask anyone who has embarked on a business trip in the past what the main recipes for success are and the term “efficiency” will usually be returned to you.

In short, the vast majority of trips of this ilk aren’t going to be entertaining, they’re not going to involve exploring – but they are going to involve problems.

Business travel has umpteen misconceptions associated with it, and most people don’t realize that a lot more things can go wrong. Let’s now take a look at five of the most common problems you’re likely to meet when you travel on business, as well as how you can overcome them.

The change in your schedule

Suffice to say, plans change. Whether it’s for personal reasons, or just a change in schedule – it will happen.

Fortunately, this first step is simple – get refundable tickets. Sure, they might cost a little more at the start, but over time you will realize that cancellations are more commonplace than you initially imagine and these tickets will save your company much more money in the long run.

The change in your plane’s schedule

It’s not just your plans that can change. Unfortunately, airlines have a habit of changing their schedule as well. Even if it’s just a small change, of maybe an hour or two, this can reap havoc on the business trip which has been planned by the hour.

Of course, you can argue as much as you like with the airline but they aren’t going to change their plans. Instead, you’ve simply got to be proactive. Regularly check your departure times to ensure that there haven’t been any changes and if there have, you’ll have at least given yourself sufficient time to change meeting arrangements etc.

The lack of meeting space

This next one is completely avoidable, but it’s something that you need to take into account. On some trips it won’t be a consideration, but if you’re acting as host for a meeting make sure that your hotel of choice has appropriate meetings spaces.

A lot of hotels around the world just aren’t designed for business events and won’t have anywhere suitable to host clients or whoever you are entertaining. Make sure your hotel doesn’t fall into said category.

Customs problems

Efficiency has already been mentioned through this guide, and here it comes again. Most of the time, these business trips have strict schedules and even a short delay can cause all sorts of problems. Unfortunately, customs can produce all sorts of delays.

It means that you have to be on your toes. Not only legislate for the additional time it takes at customs at certain airports, but also research the allowed and disallowed items before departing.

The big taxi queue

Finally, we’re onto transport. As a typical tourist, you will have most probably experienced that sinking feeling as you leave the terminal building and are greeted by a huge taxi queue.

On business trips, these delays aren’t possible. Ultimately, ensure that your transport is booked from the start – don’t find yourself at the back of the queue as your client waits impatiently.

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