Cool Ways To Fund Your Canadian Travel Adventure

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When you start traveling, you might find that you visit a destination that you want to explore for more than a couple of weeks. Canada is such a place because you can’t discover all this country has to offer in just a couple of weeks. You might want to spend a few months there, a whole season or even a year. You can’t witness everything the beautiful city of Montreal has to offer in just a few weeks. It’s impossible to explore the Canadian wilderness when you’re under a time limit. The problem is that this can get expensive rather quickly. You need to think about how you can pay your way while exploring this beautiful country. Here are some of your best options.

Unpaid Environmental Internship

You might be disheartened by that word unpaid but, on a course like this you will get food and accommodation provided for free. This means that you only have to pay for any activities, travel and the initial cost of getting there. So, it might be worth it, particularly, if what you really want to do is explore the Canadian wilderness. On a course like this, you will live in a group and work on conservation projects. You will see gorgeous scenery, incredible wildlife and know that every day, you are making the world a far better place to live. Many students take up this possibility for their gap year.

On The Farms

If you are not afraid of some hard work and good old fashioned elbow grease, you can get a job on a Canadian farm. Have a look into this possibility before you head over there. You might find there are already some options available. Don’t expect luxury accommodation or a stunning five-course meal every night. What you can instead expect is a hard week of work for fair pay and a chance to explore through the weekends. When you’re earning a full wage, make sure you understand how you can be taxed and what level of pay you should be looking for.

Use Your Skills

You might have a number of skills that could lead to an honest wage while traveling in Canada. For instance, it’s possible that you have a solid base of skiing techniques. If that’s the case Canadian ski instructor courses are available for travelers. With one of these courses you can learn the skills you’ll need to take to the slopes and get paid. Who knows, you might even find the basis of a permanent career.

You may also speak french as a second language. You’re sure to find work as a translator or in the customer service industry with this on your resume. Don’t forget 7.3 million people in Canada are native French speakers.

Write It Down

Last but not least, you can make money writing about your experiences. Rather than setting up your own blog, you can sell your writing to different blog owners. You’ll usually find that they will be interested in buying if you have a unique voice and a story worth telling.


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