Parking at Airports – Why off-site car parks are best

Traveling is a rewarding experience, but it can create a lot of stress. One thing you have to really make sure is all set before you leave is your home and vehicle. A lot of flights arrive and depart at times of day when friends or family aren’t available to pick you up or take you to the airport. Leaving your car at or near the airport is sometimes the only option.

At major airports, there are a lot of options but it can be hard to decide which is the best for you. Almost every airport does offer extended parking options, but they can be very costly.

Parking at Airports - Why off-site car parks are best

But many private companies are setting up shop just outside the airport and offer parking and services at competitive rates. Off-site parking is almost always cheaper and they usually offer a shuttle or transportation to the airport.

Many offer valet services once you return so you don’t have to trudge through a large parking lot after coming back from a trip to find your car.

As the trend of off-site parking emerges, so do other services that help you find the very best rate. The John F. Kennedy airport in New York is a very busy point of travel. To park your car there can be outrageously expensive. Try searching JFK airport long term parking rates on a website like This website will look through all the off-site parking options and find the very best rate for you and your needs. This website also has a map showing where the lot is in relation to the airport. It also pulls valuable information like how many spots are left and what additional services they offer, like a valet or security. You can view the results by price, proximity, or rating as well.

As off-site parking becomes more and more popular, some places are even offering car washes, gas tank fill-ups, and car servicing so your car will be in tip-top shape when you pick it back up.

Airports often have large complicated parking garages on their main site, which can also be a nightmare to navigate when you’re jet lagged and tired after coming home. These massive structures are often not secure and if they are, it would be impossible for someone to keep an eye on all levels. An off-site parking lot is typically one level and secured at all times.


Another great thing about these services is that many offer rewards and coupons. This is something you won’t find with traditional airport parking options. Those who fly frequently can benefit greatly from this. If you travel for your job, your company may appreciate the money saved and upgrade your trip elsewhere, like with a first class ticket or better hotel. Wouldn’t that be great?

One of the best ways to make sure any trip goes smoothly is to plan ahead. These services allow you to reserve a parking spot before you even leave the house. Having one thing off your mind can make the rest of your journey so much easier. Showing up at the airport without a plan may not allow for this peace of mind and may create a stressful situation.

Finally, the best thing these services offer is excellent customer service. Because these companies need repeat customers to succeed, they will likely hire the best of the best. Parking attendants for private companies want to make your experience that much better. They’ll likely help you with luggage and making sure you arrive at the right gate for your departure. Your car will also be treated with care during the valet portion. A valet driver’s main task is to treat each car they get in with care and caution.

Next time you travel, consider a private off-site parking service. They pride themselves with professional service and care. These companies will ease your mind and make your trip go as smooth as possible. On top of all that, you’ll save money and you can travel well knowing your car is in a safe place. You can even take advantage of numerous services to maintain your car while you’re gone. What more can you ask for?

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