Getting to Know More About Internet Privacy and Information Security

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We covered the digital nomads’ essentials in a previous article. Here, we’re going to focus more on information security and why protecting your privacy online is more important than ever. There have been more cases of information theft in recent years, according to studies complied by the Champlain College and its online MSL degree program. In October 2013, for example, Adobe lost over 3 million encrypted customer credit card records.

Fortunately, 89% of these information theft cases can actually be prevented. Businesses and brands across the globe are taking active steps towards adding more security measures to protect customer information. As customers, you can also protect your online privacy by dealing only with websites that use SSL security and other security measures.

It is also necessary to understand the legal requirements, especially if you’re running your own online business. Find out more about Internet Privacy in the Digital Age by reviewing the complete infographic from Champlain University.

Masters in Law | Champlain College


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