How to make the most of your next UK vacation

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For as long as the world spins around the UK is always going to be one of the most popular tourist destinations. While it might not have the glorious weather that some tourists look for, it does offer a wealth of culture that is generally unrivalled.At the same time, there are right and wrong ways to approach your trip to the UK. Today’s article is all about the former, as we take a look at some of the best tips you can arm yourself with ahead of your journey.

Get away from the hustle and bustle of London

First and foremost, London is definitely worth a visit. Every tourist guide in the land will tell you this; it has some stunning attractions and the city as a whole just shouldn’t be missed.

At the same time, you shouldn’t dedicate your entire UK getaway there. Sure, if you are just in the country for a long weekend, this might be all that time allows. For anything longer, try and stretch your horizons. For example, a little down the road is Portsmouth, and this offers a completely different experience to London – and allows you to sample local UK life.

In some ways, London is a bubble. Try and escape from it and you’ll reap countless benefits.

Book everything in advance

Following on from the above, if you are planning on visiting any other destinations, try and book these in advance. Train tickets, in particular,can soar in price if you choose to pay on the day, but in truth, the same rules apply with everything.For example, most attractions have heavily discounted online prices, while at the same time, you can often find 2-4-1 vouchers lurking around for many. In simple terms, never believe the first price you are quoted.

Try and walk on-foot wherever possible

Whether you have opted to stay in London or if you have ventured to another city, try and resist the urge to jump in a taxi or on the underground. There have been some studies which have revealed that walking is quicker in these big cities, with the traffic tending to be the big reason. As well as the time-factor, there is also a point on just “getting lost”. Again, you don’t have to see every major attraction that Trip Advisor documents, try and roam around the streets and stumble upon things for yourself. It will make for a much more enjoyable experience.

Be aware of the “local routines”

Granted, this might not be quite as strict in London, but there are still major differences when UK cities are compared to others in the world.

In the UK, eating times tend to be earlier, with some locals sitting down at 5pm for their last meal of the day. Then, there is the shopping and while late-night shopping might be quite cultural in a lot of destinations around the world, in the UK most stores are closing before 6pm.Make sure you keep these times in mind as you put together your UK trip.

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