Most amazing apartment locations in the world

There are some corners of the globe that carry a bigger attraction than others. Whether it’s because they are set in stunning surrounds or happen to be the best places to work and play, these locations have a star quality of their own. This sprinkle of stardust serves to add to the value and increases demand.  Here’s our guide to five of the most sought-after property locations that have this appeal. If you’re looking for a serviced apartment in one of these locations or anywhere else in the world for that matter check out the serviced apartments company VISIONAPARTMENTS who may have just what you’re looking for.

Peak Road, Hong Kong

The Victoria Peak in Hong Kong is an area that regularly breaks new ground when it comes to the prices paid per square metre. Pollock’s Path, Barker Road and Severn Road all vie for the crown, but Peak Road sits above them after becoming the site of the largest property deal in Hong Kong’s history earlier this year. That deal saw 75 Peak Road sold for HK$5.1 billion, about £420 million. Space is at a premium in Hong Kong, so top quality, larger homes in streets such as this – which also have great views over the city – will continue to attract big interest and top price tags.

Peak Road, Hong Kong

Upper Fifth Avenue, New York

Several streets have attracted the ‘Millionaire’s Row’ moniker but none have carried it off with the style of New York’s Upper Fifth Avenue. Perfectly placed for some of the world’s best luxury retail brands and most iconic landmarks – it’s well worth searching FT Property Listings to find the homes with the best views over Central Park, surely one of the world’s most desirable window views.

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

A total of 900 residences are situated inside the tallest building in the world – the most literal way to ensure you live the high life. The stunning skyscraper is a telling symbol of the ambition of Dubai, a city that continues to grow rapidly with shopping and entertainment attractions. People living in the tower have access to a library, cigar club and gourmet market.

AYKON Nine Elms, London

Alongside New York, London is one of the world’s mega cities with the sort of work and leisure attractions that continue to bring people in from across the globe. Buyers are always looking for exciting new opportunities within cities such as London, and that’s precisely what the AYKON Nine Elms development will deliver. The £600 million tower block – nicknamed the Jenga tower – contains flats that will cost up to £4 million, having been designed by Versace. The combination of style and location makes this an instant winner – another among a long list of sought-after London locations.

Avenue Princess Grace, Monaco

Europe’s elite are often drawn to Monaco, a city known for its love of the finer things in life. There is, after all, good reason why the Russian oligarchs bring their huge boats here. Avenue Princess Grace hugs the harbour front and is perfectly placed to enjoy Monaco as a result. In 2014 a three-bedroom 200 square metre apartment in this street sold for €16 million.

Some of these locations have built a reputation over a number of years and are firmly established as premium property locations, while others show how man is constantly looking at new ways to develop yet more breathtaking places to live. The above list shows that the bar has been set fairly high for anyone looking to establish their own location as one of the most sought-after in the world.

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