Infographic: Celebrity houses for short term rent

We’re always looking for weird and wonderful accommodation options for our next trip or new Digital Nomad destination. We’ve seen everything from shipping containers and mini-pods to couch surfing and house sitting opportunities. But here’s another option at the higher end of the scale that we’d never considered but might be up your alley! ¬†We recently came across this infographic showcasing some luxury houses that were once owned by Hollywood superstars, global music icons and the odd boy-band member too. Since the A-lister departed the premises they’ve been purchased and lovingly recreated the interior just as said celebrity would have had. Its a chance to stay in a house your favourite celebrity once owned and live their life even if it is just for a day or two. Check it out below and check out the original at Schofields.

Which is your favourite celebrity house on the list? Are there any celebrity houses you’d like to visit? Leave a comment!






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