Infographic: Cocktails of the world

If I were to label myself as a type of traveller then it would probably be “culture vulture”. I’m always hunting out the parts of a destination that offer the greatest insights in to the art, traditions and history of a country. The elements that say something about the people that live there and the way in which their culture has evolved.

I recently came across a very interesting infographic produced by the travel agency Thomas Cook which approached the culture angle from a rather refreshing perspective. Listing some 16 destinations by their signature cocktails. While that may sound like a strange angle it has displayed some interesting results that say something about the people and history of their origin.

Take a look for yourself here. Which is your favourite? What does it tell you about the country? Try not to get thirsty!

Best cocktails of the world

There’s some great cocktails here and a few I didn’t know about too. Nothing is as quintessentially English as a glass of Pimms. A drink we only ever go near in the warm summer months. The Singapore sling is a famous classic that is one of the most iconic cocktails in the world. A trip to Cuba without tasting an authentic local Mojito would be a crime! and I’d definitely agree a Kir Royale sums up France and especially Parisian culture perfectly. Are there any other destinations that have famous cocktails? We’d love to hear about them and their recipes too. Post them in the comments below.

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