Is Travel Insurance Worth It?

You’re in the process of planning a trip for either business or pleasure, and right as you are making your reservations a box pops up to ask if you want to purchase travel insurance. When you look at the price of your trip and realize that if you can’t make it you stand to lose a lot of money, the price of the insurance might seem worth it. The problem is that not all travel insurance packages in Winnipeg are the same. Sometimes what you think you are getting is not what you actually get when something happens. But before you dismiss travel insurance, it is best to give it a look to see if it really can benefit you should the unexpected.

Travel insurance isn’t just about not being able to get to your destination. When you are away from home, there are all sorts of things that can happen that you certainly can’t anticipate. That is why they call them accidents. It only takes one bad thing to end up costing you a whole lot. Sometimes something as silly as needing medical attention when away from home in Winnipeg can end up costing you way more than you would imagine.

In general, a completely comprehensive Winnipeg travel insurance plan will cost you anywhere from 4-8% of the total cost of your trip. If you are spending an exorbitant amount, then 4-8% can be a drop in the bucket compared to what you can end up paying if you aren’t prepared for potential glitches. But the problem is that not all insurance will cover you for all the different things that can happen. That is why, before you take out an insurance policy, it is imperative that you read the entire plan, know the exclusions, and choose one that has the most likely things included instead of excluded.

What is covered by the travel insurance?

When you are traveling, there is always the chance that weather will come in between you and your trip. Since it’s an act of nature, there is nothing you can do if your trip gets canceled due to a hurricane, a snowstorm, or even a tornado. Other unforeseen things can stop you from making your destination – like flight delays, mechanical problems, or an unruly passenger. Most travel insurance packages do cover you with full reimbursement if the conditions that lead to you not making your trip are beyond your control. All the many things that can go wrong will likely be listed in the inclusion or exclusion category as outlined.

Losing your luggage

Although it may not seem all that serious, if your luggage is lost, it can be a significant hardship for some. There is nothing worse than getting to your destination and realizing that you have nothing and you have to buy all new things. Not only is it a time inconvenience, but it can also be very costly to buy clothes and all the other things that have been lost. Most travel insurance plans will compensate you for as much as $1000-2000. The total amount allowed will be outlined in the plan.

Medical emergencies or assistance

If you are traveling outside of Winnipeg and you should have a medical emergency, then you will have to pay out of pocket. Medical care is not free abroad, and sometimes it’s not even when you travel from one province to another. Since the cost of minor injuries can add up quickly, travel insurance is an excellent way to make sure that your medical mishaps are covered so that you don’t end up paying for them. Most insurance policies will reimburse you for your medical emergencies. But make sure that they do, and also make sure to keep any medical records or receipts to prove what you paid. Also, make sure that pre-existing conditions aren’t excluded, especially if you have some that can be exacerbated when traveling.

Some vacations and trips can be very expensive, depending on where you are going. If you are going to pay the cost to travel, adding on another 4-8% might be an excellent way to make sure that you aren’t financially vulnerable when away from home. Before you purchase travel insurance, just make sure to read the entire policy so you know what is included and what is excluded. Also, plan for those things that are more likely to happen. That way your trip won’t be ruined by those unexpected small accidents that can be significant if you have to pay for them.

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