Indonesia destinations for location independent living

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Indonesia is an island nation of around 17,000 islands, popular with tourists and a bulging populating of some 250 million! Its a well connected, well located and humid place to live and its also a great destination if you’re looking for somewhere to call home for a while. Its also home to the famous Blue Tang fish from the Pixar movie Finding Dory which is a must see while you’re there! Many location independent digital nomads choose Indonesia for a multitude of reasons. We’re going to investigate a few of them now and see just why Indonesia could well be your next destination.

Cost of living

Firstly lets tackle some costs as this always plays a big part in any decision. Compared to western countries Indonesia is very cheap for basic essentials like food and transportation. On some of the more tourist areas like Bali and Sumatra its very cheap to eat out and often cheaper than eating in, depending on your culinary requirements. The cost of rent really can range from the ludicrously cheap to the extravagant, with plenty in between in some fantastic locations. Its easiest to follow the tourist traps because more competition drives down prices. Bali is a great example of this where plenty of short term rental properties can be found all over the island. Expect to pay around £500 a month for a decent villa with a pool and air conditioning, with prices increasing in more populous areas. Bills are often included although expect to pay more for electricity than you’re probably used to. This is partly due to the extra costs of running air conditioning units in multiple rooms. With the savings from your food costs it balances out nicely.

Bali cost of living

Lots of travel options

While you’re based in Indonesia there’s so many places to visit around the country that you’ll never be short of mini city breaks and holidays!  Getting around the island of Java is very easy thanks to great transportation infrastructures. The highways are easy to drive and there’s a decent railway service too linking all the major cities. Indonesia has plenty of domestic flight options too linking all the major islands and quite often at a decent price too as there’s growing competition between budget airlines. I’d recommend doing a tour of some of the major cities of Java including Jakarta, Malang and Bogor.

Indonesia location independent advice

Finding the best room to stay in is pretty easy these days thanks to the internet! I recommend booking ahead to get the best price and the best location too. Hotels have really up-ed their game in the past 10 years or so with fantastic resort hotels, spa hotels and even apartment hotels popping up especially in the cities. Check out Swiss Belinn Malang Hotel which is very well located for all transport types and is close to many of the tourist hotspots in Malang.

Expat communities

Expats in IndonesiaWhile its always important to immerse yourself in local cultures, social events and common interest groups it always helps to have an expat community nearby that are facing the same challenges as you. You’ll find such communities in most major cities of Indonesia now thanks to the global businesses that reside there. In the more tourist areas you’ll still find communities of location independent nomads looking to make new friends and often collaborate on business projects too. Having this support group really helps and the internet has changed whats possible for many location independent seekers.

I can highly recommend Indonesia for your next location independent destination. There’s plenty to do, the cost of living is exceptional, the culture, history and friendly people make it a wonderful place to explore and there’s so many places you’ll never be bored!

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