Is now the time to nomad?

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Opening a newspaper or visiting a news web site these days is enough to paralyze even the most seasoned caffeine addicted stock trader. It’s scary, we know that. So, with the current rising unemployment, inflation pulling on what’s left of your savings along with a dismal outlook for an economy that is in near paralysis over the looming threat of a depression, one must ask them self ?Is now a proper time to nomad?

bigstock-Time-For-Action-42908809Well, for those who take a precautionary approach to life, the answer might be Stay put. Weather the storm. This is no time to go be going footloose.” We at NuNomad say, On the contrary! Now is a fine time to bolt. The ship of economic harmony is sinking and there’s room for a few on the lifeboat of independence and solvency. Would you really rather stay behind and rearrange the deck chairs? Are we being glib? (Perhaps a little.) Here’s one way to access the current global crisis with under another perspective.

Let’s start with you:

You have some, yet not enough, work to pay the bills. Your overhead is killing you, and all the while you yearn for a new gig. Now let’s say that you’re working from home (freelancer or telecommuter) or at your own little office. You have your own clients or a flexible enough vocation which will allow you to work remotely.

The new economic option:

It is far less expensive to work out of an apartment in Bangkok, a bungalow in Bali, a hammock in Mexico, or even out of a loft in Prague than it is to maintain residence in New York, Los Angeles, London, Austin. Now factor in that people are worried, especially the folks who work in tourism’so prices are becoming more competitive. This is an opportunity to take advantage of.

Your opportunity:

Get a place on the beach for $10 a night. Find a reduced cost air ticket. Get down to the bare necessities and take your life mobile. Food will surely be less, and since you’ll likely to make about the same amount of money in your new surroundings, you’ll be able to bank some savings. Sound too good to be true? Well, that depends on many personal factors. For those with too many constraints, this may not be tangible for the moment. For others, it might be very doable soon, that is, with the right preparation.

The preparation:

If you’ve visited our site before then you’ve probably read the basic steps of preparing for NuNo living: Prepare your vocation; prepare your travel gear; and, prepare your mobile office. Then you can take off into the work-travel world. That’s correct. You should not, save for those who have some experience in this lifestyle and have very few anchors at home, just run out of the home/office today for the airport screaming, I’ve had enough of this nightmare!? However, with adequate preparation you’ll be able to do so soon. (Please visit our location independent preparations advice for more on this).

Getting your head together about nomad-ing:

The NuNomad Blog is a great places to start. Here you’ll read about other nomads who have and are currently working remotely, continents away from home?.


There are lots of great choices out there for you to consider. The NuNomad Destinations section is a great place to start. We’ve listed such places as Spain, Czech Republic, Australia, Jordan, Belgium and more from how to access the Internet to the cost of living.

The Nuts and Bolts of NuNomadic Travel:

Our ebook, Quit Dreaming and Go!? can assist you with all facets of pre-travel preparedness. From preparing your profession to recommended travel immunizations. This is must read stuff for the newbie nomad.

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4 responses to “Is now the time to nomad?”

  1. Mike says:

    Definitely a great time to be hitting the road, if your business is set up right. Companies are going to be more cost conscience and will seek out people who can provide great work for a lower cost. Online advertising could even increase giving website owners a boost in their online income.

  2. Sean says:

    Great thoughts! I completely feel that there couldn’t be a better time to leave than right now. Travel is much cheaper than it was a few years ago, and the fact things are so rough, means there are just that many more opportunities for someone willing to take a risk!

  3. James NomadRip says:

    While the nature of my business has suffered a bit with the economy, I sure am glad we’d taken the time to set it up the way we did, so I can be wherever I want with very little overhead.

  4. Nu Nomad Carmen says:

    It’s amazing how much interest has grown in a nomadic lifestyle since the economy crashed. Even my friends who have been very financially successful and never seemed much interested previously are now asking me how to get into it.

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