Location independence in winter months

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When most people think of location independence they have visions of lounging in a hammock, sipping a cocktail on the beach and maybe working from your laptop next to the pool. While this is entirely possible its also surprising how many location independent people we know that choose the complete opposite of that! Yes it is entirely possible to seek the winter months on your location independent adventure, an increasing number of bloggers, designers and writers are choosing to do this, so what’s the lure? Why skip the sunshine and cocktails for snow and ice?

Infrastructure Vs climate

In our location independence experiences we’ve discovered that some countries are far more “digital nomad ready” than others. There’s a certain setup you’ll need to work effectively, save money, enjoy your travels and provide everything you need for your partner and even kids. There are lots of great countries to travel through but less so that will make your life easy when it comes to prolonged stays. We’re not just talking visas and attractive exchange rates here. Plane, train and road services are all very important, along with hospitals and maybe even private schools. Internet access is vitally important too along with the cost of living which can really change your whole location independent opportunities.

Location indepence in winter

So it stands to reason that some of these countries aren’t hot tropical beach paradises, but in fact are land-locked nations, at high altitudes or far north and south enough that they are much cooler climates. One great example of this is Austria in Europe. A beautiful country with a great transportation infrastructure, more importantly its a wonderful place to go in both the summer and winter months. During winter the roads are cleared daily and the ski resorts are open. In fact many would say the country really comes alive during the Winter.

Active Vs Relaxing

Winter activitiesTo some the thought of lounging in a hammock on your day off is boring as hell and a complete waste of time. What you should really be doing is getting some exercise and excitement in your life! Winter travel is usually all about activities and what could be better than spending an entire season at a ski resort, working in the evenings or weekends and skiing in the daytime! Its a completely lifestyle flip compared to your tropical counterparts but one that is tempting an ever growing number of digital nomads. There’s more to the outdoors than just skiing too, Northern Europe, Canada and parts of Northern Asia offer very different experiences to suit all winter tastes. From husky sleds to northern lights, ice hotels to mountain treks. There’s plenty of choice and something wildly different to those beach filled days in the tropics.

Preparations for winter location independence

Clothes for winter travelOf course if you do decide to take the plunge in to a winter wonderland for your digital nomadic lifestyle you need to be prepared for a totally different environment. Hot countries usually require less clothing so you’ll find it easy to pack for summer destinations. Snow covered countries require a bit more thought. Firstly you need to make sure you have the right clothing. A waterproof jacket, thermal clothing and footwear that can withstand the situations you might put them in, not to mention the ski equipment you might have to take with you. Clothes are generally bigger and more bulky than summer clothes so you’ll have less room in your luggage for the essentials. You may find its easier to buy some of the clothes you need once you reach your destination, so that you can take more of the essentials when you travel to your new home. Be warned though you may need to think about your exit strategy, do you throw away or sell the excess clothing before you fly on to your next destination? Or do you pay extra to take it with you? These kinds of aspects can effect your overall budget so its worth running through some scenarios to see what could happen on your trip.


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