How to make money while living the RV lifestyle

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Living life on the road in an RV gives you the freedom to discover and explore new places you may never have known existed. It’s the ideal way to meet new people and see out-of-the-way locations that create memories that can last a lifetime.

However, the biggest challenge many people face when considering the RV lifestyle is figuring out how to keep the cash coming in while you travel. Even if you still have outstanding debts or loans to pay for, there are ways to keep your payments under control. Click here to find out more about whether a consolidation loan might reduce your payments and make it easier for you to afford your travels.

Fortunately, there are plenty of nifty ways to earn money to fund your travels.

Seasonal Work

Lots of RV travelers depend on seasonal work to pay the bills. Seasonal jobs tend to pop up at specific times of the year in response to an influx of work. For example, you might aim at summer jobs in beachside resorts or cafés, fruit picking jobs during harvest season, temporary retail jobs during the Christmas rush, or ski-lodge jobs during winter.

As an example, the American Crystal Sugar Company is always happy to employ transient RV campers to help out with the sugar beet harvest. Some workers are able to earn as much as $2,000 in a two week work period.

Many RVers travel from state to state following the freedom that seasonal work has to offer. You can earn a bit of cash while exploring different states throughout the year.


Telecommuting or virtual jobs allow almost anyone to earn a comfortable paycheck at home – or from an RV while traveling. There are plenty of telecommuting jobs to choose from that have the potential to bring in plenty of income. These include:

There are lots of options available, so choose what works around your travel schedule and your income requirements.

Camp Host

Many campgrounds and RV Parks offer temporary work to RV campers. The work is often temporary and can include anything that helps keep the campgrounds operating smoothly. For example, manual labor, landscaping, cleaning, customer service, activities coordinator, store clerk or cashier.

Sites like CampHost cater specifically to temporary jobs designed to suit those living the RV lifestyle. For some inspiration on what you’ll need to take with you, this camping checklist is a good place to start.

Craft Markets

Most towns across America host craft markets throughout the month. If you’re traveling your way around the country in your RV, you have the opportunity to set up your stall at a local farmer’s market or craft fair and sell your wares at each destination. You can use your time on the road to create or source new products and earn a few extra dollars at each stop.

Online Business

The internet offers plenty of opportunities to run a profitable online business right from your RV. As long as you have a computer or laptop on board and access to an internet connection, you can continue earning money while you explore the country.

Travel Blogging

Plenty of RV campers run travel blogs highlighting their travels and providing tips for others who dream of following in their footsteps. Post photos of your adventures and recommend the best and worst places to stop.

It’s possible to monetize your blog to generate income from advertising sources. If you’re particularly resourceful, you can also generate affiliate commissions on products sold through your blog. Other RV campers will be curious to know what gadgets or items made your trip easier or more comfortable along the way and may trust your recommendations enough to click through on your affiliate link.

Gig Work

Gig work doesn’t always pay huge amounts of money, but it’s possible to supplement your traveling income while you’re on the road by completing simple little tasks. There’s also the option of generating some cash while you’re stuck in the RV on those rainy evenings when there’s nothing much on TV.

Common types of gig work include watching videos, answering surveys, reading promotional emails, giving opinions, rating the relevancy of descriptions or products, or dozens of other little tasks that are easy to do even while you’re sitting in the passenger seat of an RV.

There are lots of sites around offering to pay you a few extra dollars to complete quick tasks. Sites like Fiverr are filled with people willing to do simple tasks for $5. It may not seem like much, but those small amounts really add up quickly.  Sites like InboxDollars or SwagBucks also offer ways to earn a few more dollars to supplement your income further.

Exploring the country in an RV offers so much freedom to pick and choose how you want to enjoy your lifestyle. Mix and match your income options so there’s always something coming in and it really is possible to earn a comfortable income even while you’re traveling.

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