Meet the Nomads – Matt Harding – Paid to Dance Around the World

July 24, 2007
by Carmen Bolanos

If I’ve ever been jealous of someone, it’s probably Matt Harding. In 2005, Matt Harding took off on a trip around the world. On a whim, he decided to do a little dance while his friends videotaped. The friends thought this was so hilarious that Matt started doing his little jig at all their stops. Matt was posting his video jigging for friends and family to follow his trip when word spread over the internet and soon thousands of people were on the site watching his clips.

Lo and behold, the candy maker, Cadbury Adams, found the videos and decided Matt’s little dance would make for a great marketing campaign. Now Matt is sponsored to continue traveling the world dancing in front of every and any imaginable monument, rain forest, and exotic location. You can follow his travels and read his thoughts at Where the Hell is Matt?. What a way to make a living while you see the world!

As the Australians say, good on ya Matt! And Matt – if you’re out there – I’d still love to interview you! In the meantime, for my readers, enjoy this video interview with Matt below. (Stride Gum is a division of Cadbury Adams)

If you are making your living while you travel the world or know someone who is, email us at carmen at or post a comment on this blog. We’d love to feature you in our next interview

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