Meet the Nomads – Milosh Zorica Graphic Designer on the Move

A couple of years ago I met up with Milosh Zorica somewhere in cyberworld while discussing nomadic topics.  I've been after him for an interview ever since but like many nomads he's a bit hard to get ahold of.  Last week, by surprise, he sent me the interview I had sent him long ago.  Here's a look at some of his thoughts on nomadic living. 

What is your business/profession?

I\’m a graphic designer, specialized in online branding.

What training/experience did you receive in order to be able to have this business/profession?

I’ve studied fine arts, graphic design, art history & a bit of international business.

How long have you been doing this?

More than ten years. Honestly, been drawing & creating almost all my life.

How long were you in your business/profession before you began traveling?

A few years, I think. I mean, before I became a full time neo-bedouin.

What interested you in becoming mobile?

I’ve been moving all my life, first with my parents than on my own. Both, within ex-Yugoslavia & internationally. I simply love the feeling of new sceneries, people, customs, breathing new air, tasting new food. I\’m an addict, actually.

Where do you like to travel?

My favorite places are anywhere in Asia, Americas & former Soviet Union.

How much of the year do you travel?

Quite a bit but I’d love even more. Seriously considering buying an RV. 😉

Do you travel alone/with a partner/with children?

I\’m single without kids (or at least I don\’t know if I’ve got any 😉 ).

Is there any special equipment or infrastructure you must travel with in order to run your business?  (ie laptop, telephony, fax)

Laptop, net connection, cell phone, pretty much standard mobile workers equipment.

If so ? what brand/models do you choose and why?

Laoptop ? Apple Macbook Pro, Macbook & Sony VAIO
Wireless router ? NetGear
Headset ? Sennheiser & KOSS
Cell phone ? 3 Skypephone, Apple iPhone 3G & Nokia N73
External Hard Drive ? WD Passport + an old 2.5″ HD in a USB rack

Are there any services you use while you travel in order to run your business? (ie Skype, supportsoft, online appointment services)

Skype is a must! Moneybookers & Paypal for online payments. ActiveCollab, developed by a dear friend of mine Ilija Studen (who I will invoice the advertising services next time I\’m in Novi Sad, Serbia 😉 ), for project management/collaboration.  Google Calendar for schedule. Google Picasa for photo sharing. Facebook for staying in touch with family, friends & business associates (FB is an excellent business networking platform if you know how to use it properly). Gmail is my main email client! Go2Meeting for online meetings. There are plenty more. Standard stuff like ebanking, MS Office, etc.

Are your clients/customers located at your home base or scattered?

Presently a big portion of my clients are local clients in London & around the UK (Oxford, Leicester, Durham, etc.). But I work and used to work for clients from just everywhere. Mostly US (NYC & California) & Russia.

What kind of reaction have you had from your clients/customers about your traveling lifestyle?

From curios to envious (positively). I’ve never pretended I\’m a proper brick & mortar company with employees. I\’m going as a specialized one-man show band consultancy. My nomadic lifestyle as well as a bit of international business education helped me a lot in the global market.

What would you say are the pros/cons of the nunomadic business and lifestyle?

This lifestyle is not for everyone, especially not for conformists neither those attached to their hometown, house, schoolmates, etc. If you wish 9-5 working hours with life quality of being a nomad, it is simply not working. With freedom comes responsibility, while discipline is a must! Also, you must create your own safe net such as insurance, pension funds, back up savings (in case you loose your major client, got sick or something else happens as surely it will at one point), emergency money, etc. Missing friend’s or cousin’s wedding or a birth of your niece is what comes in package too. Your social life is whole a lot different than of those not nomad-ing. It’s not richer or poorer, it’s simply all different. So is the emotional life, unless you’re as lucky as my friend Gregory Moulinet (with whom you’ve done an interview as well).

Do you have any advice for those people wanting to set up their own mobile business?

Preparations & prerequisites are almost the same as when you’re going to be a freelancer/consultant/contractor locally, with a few extra things to consider. Save money for 6 months living expenses or have lined up work.

Here comes the extra bit. You must get used to working in different environment & conditions. Odd hours included too! Take a short exercise trips before sailing off to the open seas.

Working somewhere where likeminded individuals work is a huge benefit if you can afford. Mostly it’s shared office facilities, cafes & libraries.

About a year ago I’ve written an article on nomad-ing for the UK’s leading design blog. Hope you don\’t mind me posting it .

If you are a nomad or know someone who is and would like to be featured in an interview please contact me!


  1. Very encouraging words from an experienced entrepreneur. It helps a lot to learn from experiences of other business owner especially when one would want to start a graphic design business as well. Thank you for sharing this really helpful info.

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  2. I too am a graphic designer in love with the nomadic lifestyle! I use my blog also as a creative outlet and hope it helps gets connections in the cyber world. At times when I have been working on the road I can completely understand why it is not as easy as may seem. Theres a lot of discipline required when you want to go off and explore a new town but a deadline awaits you. Well worth it though.

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  3. I am a graphic designer from India staying currently in Bangalore who wants to become a nomad and explore the world. I love travelling and the beauty to it. Ive done my graphic designing for the past 4 years and now im studying in one of the renowned graphic designing schools in Asia called Srishti School of Art Design and Technology. I want to travel out of India and explore. Ive done advetising, theatre,illustrations, social design and exploring more fields.

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  4. I sort of know this guy, he is very smart but word on the street is that he is a scam artist. Since it has been said by a variety of people here in Buenos Aires, I am beginning to wonder and am weary about being associated with him. Any one have any personal experience?

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