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Who am i?O.K. – so I’ll be honest. This last year I spent many months underground in the nomad world for various personal reasons (and also working on our new book!). However, I’ve realized I can’t turn away from my passion and I’m back now with a vengeance, determined to make a place in this nomad world. Upon my return to the land of the ever-moving I have found a total explosion of nomads – especially on Twitter. At first it was pretty intimidating to see the number of folks out there who have jumped into the tidal surge. On the other hand, it is exhilarating to see the idea of this alternative lifestyle really taking off.

What I’m finding is a community of independent, adventurous people all trying to put a name to our love of extended travel and permanent freedom from the cubicle. There are a lot of terms flying around out there and I’ll be the first to admit that our term, NuNomad, is just another one in the pool. Digital Nomad, Technomad, Lifestyle Design are a few of the most common. Of course, Timothy Ferriss’ 4 Hour Work Week has a lot to do with the surge as well as the term lifestyle design.

I had to ask myself, are we at NuNomad different than any of the many nomads out there in our approach? Certainly we overlap more than not. However, something came to me last night that I would like to make a statement about.

So much tech talk

If you’re an avid fan of reading nomadic sites and blogs you’ve probably noticed a preponderance of tech talk. Everything from discussions about wifi and the lightest laptops to the necessity of learning how to make a fortune online is out there. Some sites will leave you believing that if you can’t set up your own personal web empire (via their method which you pay for, I’ll add) then you may as well resign yourself to punching the time card.

This pisses me off. Yes, you’ll find a lot of tech info and advice on this site but let’s be clear – being a techie is just one way to skin the cat. I mean, come on, we’re a community of rabid independents right? And in such a community you’re never going to tell a person there’s only one way to do things! If you want to nomad you are only limited by your own creativity. Does it take organization, planning and determination? You bet. It probably will also take some time to get all your ducks in a row to make the thing happen. But you can make your nomadic life happen your way. That’s why if you’ll read some of our past interviews with nomads you’ll see a huge variety of backgrounds. Along with a healthy gang of more tech oriented folks we’ve also interviewed photographers, trapeze artists, balloon artists, film makers, bio-fuel enthusiasts and coaches. My next targets are salespeople, biotech people and real estate folks. All these professions and more are nomadable.

Lets talk about something else!

So, let’s put a stake in the ground here and say that we’re here to brainstorm with you about your ideas on how and where to be a nomad. We’re here to support you along the way. And we’re here to learn from you as much as you from us. Let’s build a great community for all nomads alike!

5 responses to “NuNomad, Digital Nomad, Technomad, Lifestyle Designer, What the Heck am I?”

  1. Technomadia says:

    I know exactly what you mean by the seemingly sudden presence of all things nomadic. We’ve been trying to dip our toes in the pool too to try to understand all the terms and what the cross overs are and aren’t, and how they apply to us. And it has indeed been intimidating at times, but also awesome to be part of it and encounter so many like minded spirits.
    We actually started keeping an eye on NuNomads when we set off about 2 years ago – it was at the time, one of the few communities out there for this sort of stuff – for which we were grateful for. It’s awesome to see you coming back after you hiatus. And we totally agree, there are so many ways to be nomadic, there is definitely no true way! It’s all about creating your own terms and living by your own passions.
    – Cherie

  2. Steve Roberts says:

    Great post, and I certainly agree! One of my favorite nomadic pals from long ago was a couple from Holland. They bicycled globally for years, and would often barter aerial photography for places to stay and other support. He had a large kite in a PVC tube on the back of his bike, and flew a pre-digital camera… with often gorgeous results. Given how expensive hiring planes to photograph one’s land would be, there was always interest in his services.
    I’m fond of skills-bartering while traveling, and that is very common in the cruising scene. If you can fix or build things that are mysterious to most people, there is your currency… whether for cash or trade.

  3. Carmen says:

    Hi Steve and Cherie,
    It’s great to have you here. I look forward to getting to know you in the near future as we all try to develop this awesome concept!

  4. Richard Hamel says:

    Yes, over-thinking one’s nomadic voyage will undoubtedly be more of a hindrance than help. At the end, it’s really about living your life as opposed to talking about it like some sort of difficult theory or getting freaked out about not being tech savvy enough. Hell, I’m not considered that tech savvy and I’ve been nomading since 2001. The funny thing is, is that I just returned to the States where technology (the process in which stuff is communicated or done) overshadows the product or end goal, which I didn’t experience all that much while traveling. I suppose folks here get all caught up into that more out of boredom than need. Anyway, once you’re “out there”, you’ll strike the right balance because you’ll be too busy living your new life.

  5. ^_^ says:

    Thanks for writing this. I’m taking steps to becoming a nomad but with my own variations. Can you recommend any international job sites?

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