Seven stops, six fantastic destinations, three states; this is the profile of the incredible Las Vegas Loop, a road trip that’s not for the faint-hearted.

Your tour guide of the loop will be the impressive red rocks – a staple of the American West – as you make your way through the open deserts of Arizona and Utah.

Starting, and ending, with the bright lights of the strip you’ll soon find yourself in the desert and on your way to enjoying the spectacular scenery of the Mighty 5 national parks.

Why the Las Vegas Loop?

Although one of the favoured road trips for natives and tourists alike, this is by no means a ‘tourist trap’, in fact, you can easily go days without seeing a soul. Enjoy the long, straight, typically American highways and see all the places the majority can only dream of. Memories of the loop won’t ever leave your side, so beware, you should only take on this breathtaking trip if you’re willing to start a life-long love affair with this amazing country.

las vegas loop road trip

When to go?

Everyone’s fallen victim to the sun at one time or another and we ourselves are no different. For that reason, we’d recommend avoiding the summer months. The west coast is pretty warm at the best of times but you’ll be visiting Nevada, Arizona and Utah, literal deserts!  We’d recommend visiting in spring or autumn when it’s still very warm but you’re less likely to get burnt to a crisp!


Your starting point will be the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip. Bars, casinos, fantastically flamboyant shows and worldwide culture – it’s not often you can enjoy the streets of Venice just down the road from the Pyramids of Giza and the Eiffel Tower. When you arrive in Vegas (particularly if you’re travelling from Europe) you’ll probably need a couple of days to acclimatize. A long flight from a different time zone paired with sweltering heat and late night partying can be a recipe for burning out before you’ve even begun. This survival guide has some good tips for first timers to Sin City.

Vegas really is a place like no other, a place everyone should visit, but you’ll have time for that on your return, right now it’s time to start the road trip of a life time.

Travelling anti-clockwise would mean your first stop would be Arizona’s Grand Canyon National Park.

Not only is visiting the canyon the only way to truly understand its overwhelming size, it offers an experience that cannot be described. As one of the seven wonders of the natural world, this is a tourist hotspot, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. As you wander its vast red paths you’ll encounter nationalities from all over the world – it seems the canyon has its own, very unique way, of bringing humanity together.

Monument Valley

Next you’ll find yourself at Monument Valley on the border between Arizona and Utah. The beauty about this place? It looks exactly the same now as it did 3,000 years ago. Don’t be underwhelmed when you arrive; yes, you will only see red earth, huge rocks and lots of sky but this whole place has been created by nothing other than time, wind and water – take a minute to think about that.

Arches national park

Next you’re into Utah at the Arches National Park, a red rock wonderland where you cannot be disappointed. With such a wealth of beauty, you’ll be in awe of your surroundings as you make your way through some of the park’s 2,000+ naturally formed stone arches. If you want to see something really spectacular, plan your trip for late afternoon/ evening and make the most of the park’s inspiring sunsets.

bryce canyon national park

Staying in Utah we’re now headed to Bryce Canyon National Park, home to the biggest collection of hoodoos in the world. Bryce really does offer something for everyone and although photos generally don’t do it justice, it’s definitely worth sticking around to witness some of the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets in the world.

Zion National Park

Before heading back to Vegas there’s time for one last stop. Still in Utah is Zion National Park with it’s own unique ecosystem you’ll be enchanted from the moment you arrive. Huge sandstone cliffs, following the paths of the natives and immersion into breathtaking narrows, there really is so much to do and it’s a place full of the unexpected – including what is possibly the largest arch in the world spanning a huge 310 feet!

There you have it, the perfect round trip spanning three states. It starts with a party and ends with a party with a world of wildlife and wonder in between, culminating in one unforgettable road trip!

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