Every once in a while we all find ourselves in a place where hitting the road for a bit of travel just seems the best solution. It doesn’t really matter what your reason is for heading out to see new horizons, they can be as personal as a divorce or as simple as two years have passed since your last trip. Whatever the reason, when the itch comes along there are some of us who are nomadic by nature and just can’t stay home. But if you are looking for an excuse, here are three that readily come to mind.

Travel as a Coming of Age Ritual

Once upon a time every decent young Englishman who was approaching adulthood would “do the continent” or travel for a year in the continent of Europe as part of his final stretch of education. For Americans there has always been the tradition of a summer spent in Europe backpacking before heading off to college.  In Australia many people will take a year off to travel once they have completed college. With the isolation of geography it is thought that it may be the last time that an Aussie will get the chance to travel before they settle down and raise a family. Whatever country you are from, the idea of traveling as you come into adulthood has always been around. It doesn’t hurt that it is also a good time to have that holiday romance.

travel coming of age trip

Travel to Just Get Away

There are many things that a person can be leaving behind when we make the decision to travel. Big changes in your life such as that final visit with your bankruptcy lawyer Arlington TX provided could easily propel anyone to take a long trip to a faraway land. For others a divorce can be a good reason to see a place you have never experienced before. You may also have finally walked away from a job you simply hated. When the relief has worn off, a jaunt through a sunny clime like Italy or Greece may be just the ticket.

Walking tours in Italy

Travel to Celebrate a Milestone

While there are certainly plenty of honeymoons spent travelling, there are other big milestones in our lives that we traditionally celebrate with travel. Winning a big lottery ticket is usually accompanied by the announcement they intend to take a trip. Finally making up your mind to retire can mean plenty of time for travel for many people, with or without that spouse of yours. Heading for Tahiti with a loved one or taking off for a year-long sabbatical to a dig in the Andes are all milestones that just cry out for a trip.


Find Your Reason Now

So why wait? Time is short no matter what your age and there are hundreds of destinations that are calling your name. Pull out that atlas, look up some great beaches and begin your next trip plans now. Start making up your excuses now and chart your next big holiday today.

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