5 Reasons the NuNomad Way is the Only Way to Live in 2019

New Year, New You: sound familiar?

It’s a promise virtually all of us make to ourselves when the new year rolls around, but how many of us actually stick to it? Hardly any of us unfortunately, but there’s no reason you can’t be the exception. And if you were the exception last year and are already living the nomad life, why not remind yourself just why it’s the only way to live.

How to become a digital nomad

Destination-Free Living Gives You Options

If you get tired of living in the same area year after year then I don’t blame you. Some people will tell you that that’s what life is all about and that you can’t travel whenever you want forever and a day. And other people, a select few, will tell you that you don’t have to live the same way everyone else does.

Do you remember how alive you felt when you first moved into your current place? Everything was new and exciting.

The park, the shops, even your commute were all brand new, and they each helped you breathe fresh air into your day. The most mundane of tasks felt exciting again, surely because you’d chosen the best place to live on earth? Or perhaps it was just that you needed a change, and it was the change that brought you back to life…

You Won’t Feel Tied Into the Rat Race

Feeling like you have to endure the week to enjoy your weekend is no way to live. If you fall into that trap then you’ll be forever envying how the other half live. Imagine you had 6 months to transform your life, what would it look like when you were finished with it?

Now that you see what it looks like, how about using a few of the other resources here on NuNomad so that you can make it happen.

Living On Your Own Terms Never Gets Old

Doing what you want, when you want, never gets old, trust me on that one folks. There is simply no substitute for never having a boss looking over your shoulder. It’s the removal of these little bits of friction and sources of annoyance that will enable you to set yourself free.

You Don’t Dread Going Back to Work

When your holiday ends you’re often filled with dread about the prospect of going back. But what if you never had to go back? It would be amazing to get your work done when and where you needed to, and then switch off and enjoy the rest of your day the moment you shut your laptop. NuNomads make it happen.

There’s Always Time to Go and Enjoy Yourself

If you want to enjoy yourself then you need free time. Imagine if you could causally read a review of borgata and then have a play without having to worry about your boss catching you. It would be pretty could wouldn’t it?

For a NuNomad it would just be the norm…

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