10 Reasons To Splash Out On A Diving Holiday

Ever fancied going on a scuba diving holiday? Learning to dive isn’t for everyone – some people would much rather relax on a beach and only have to dip their toes in the sea.

It’s also not cheap – the cost of lessons and equipment hire can add hundreds to your holiday bills. That said, a diving holiday has enough pros to make up for it’s cost.

There are all kinds of experiences that scuba diving can give you that cannot be found on land.

Here are just 10 reasons to take the plunge and try a diving holiday.

Get up close with underwater wildlife

Whilst you can take glass bottom boat tours and visit the aquarium, nothing gets you as close to underwater wildlife as learning to dive. You can tag along with turtles in Australia, mingle with manta rays in the Maldives and wallow with whale sharks off the coast of Mexico. On top of this, there are plenty of beautiful coral reefs around the world that can only be seen by getting underwater.

why scuba dive?

Diving tours can help you to find the best hotspots for marine life and give you advice on how to get close. There are even trips in which you can go down in cages with sharks for those that are brave!

Experience other natural phenomena

The fish aren’t the only amazing natural sights that the ocean has. There are trenches and volcanoes and caves underwater to also explore. Some of the most impressive sights include the Great Blue Hole of Belize and the Cenotes of Mexico’s Riviera Maya. Many diving tourists hotspots can offer guided explorations of these natural sights.

Explore hidden pieces of history

Explore underwater wrecksThe ocean floor is also littered with relics of human history including shipwrecks, crashed airplanes and ruins of ancient temples. New underwater ruins are constantly being discovered each year by divers, making it the new frontier for explorers.

It’s thought that there are many treasures yet to be found in these ruins.

Of course, for those that don’t feel comfortable exploring the open ocean by themselves, there are plenty of guided tours of these historical sites.

See secret underwater art exhibits

Many artists have also placed exhibits underwater that can only be seen by learning to dive. Stone sculptures can be found all around the world. There’s even an entire underwater art gallery called the Museo Antlantico off the coast of Lanzarote. These can add to the sense of adventure.

Stay fit and active

A scuba diving holiday is certain to keep you fit and active. You’re having to lug around a heavy tank of air, whilst swimming and regulating your breathing. If you don’t like the idea of wasting your holiday lounging on a beach, a diving vacation is certain to give you the exercise and thrills that you’re after. The best thing about these types of holidays is that you’ll always be staying near the coast – if you’re going with people that want to sunbathe on a beach, they have the option to do this whilst you get to spend your days diving. Be wary that certain health problems may prohibit you from diving – if you’ve got breathing difficulties or heart problems it could be dangerous to go underwater.

Achieve a new qualification to boast about

A diving holiday could help you to achieve a qualification – something which few holidays can do. Certified diving schools can be found all around the world. These schools can award you with a PADI certification, which you can then use to dive around the world with. Without this qualification, you can’t book dive trips, hire equipment or work in a diving employment role. Even if you get your certificate and decide that diving isn’t for you, it’s something to put on your CV and impress friends with.

Up your selfie game

A diving holiday also allows you to try out some underwater photography. Whilst you can go snorkelling with an underwater camera, diving allows to get much deeper shots of underwater wildlife and shipwrecks and all manner of other aquatic sights.

scuba diving selfies

It’s also the opportunity to get a one-of-a-kind selfie that certain to give your Instagram account a boost. There are even new photography tricks to learn underwater for those that take their snapping skills seriously and want to build upon their expertise.

Make new friends

If you’re looking for a social holiday, a diving trip can certainly offer this. Whether you’re taking lessons or going on a tour with fellow divers, you’re certain to create bonds with other people.

Certain towns like Cairns, Tahiti and Roatan also have vibrant diving communities where you can meet other divers and share stories. There are bars for divers and shops in some towns. This diving culture can be great to get involved in.

Get the whole family involved

Diving holidays needn’t only be for adults. Children can learn to dive from the age of 10, although open water training isn’t possible until you’re at least 15. You could even test the waters by all going snorkelling first. There are lots of snorkelling tours around the world open to children of all ages providing they can swim. You won’t get as deep underwater, but it could allow you to still see reefs and certain sights in shallow water.

Build lasting memories

Diving is an experience like none other. It’s the opportunity to experience an exclusive underwater world that most people never get the chance to see. You’re certain to build lasting memories when diving, whether you get to see exotic fish and shipwrecks. And with some reefs slowly disappearing due to climate change, now could be the perfect time to take advantage of diving and these memories before it’s too late!

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