5 best places for solo travel – Travel alone and have fun!

If you are an introvert, you’ve probably thought of going on a vacation all by yourself to a place that caters well for solo travellers. But where in the world are the best places for solo travel?

As a solo traveller you want the destinations to be fairly quiet, have activities you can enjoy alone and have group activities you can join during those moments you just want to enjoy other people’s company.

So here are my destinations an introvert can escape to and enjoy an awesome solo trip!

Total Escape in Mafia Island, Tanzania

Off the coast of Tanzania, Africa, there is a small island called Mafia Island. Don’t let the name scare you, there aren’t any armed mafias on the island. The island is one of the most peaceful untouched destinations on planet Earth right now.

While Mainland Tanzania is pretty developed and full of activity, Mafia is peaceful and quiet with villagers going about their life as you would imagine a traditional village.

Travel destinations for introverts

There aren’t any paved roads and the island is connected to the electric grid at all. The lodges in the island use generators or solar power. If you want a place to totally unplug from the rest of the modern world and just be alone with your thoughts and experience the simplest life possible, Mafia is the place to be.

You can stay at a tree lodge called Chole Mjini which is literally a collection of lodges built on gigantic trees. It’s quite the experience.

You can do a lot of interesting things in Mafia Island. You can go have some fun at the beach, go scuba diving or snorkeling, take long walks along the lonely paths winding between homesteads in the local villages. You can go to the ocean and swim with Mafia’s whale sharks or just read as you enjoy the cool breeze from the ocean while sitting in your room atop a tree lodge.

Awaken Your Soul in Bhutan

When a destination makes it a point to issue the fewest number of visas possible every year, it becomes the best place to go when you want to be left alone. When that destination is Bhutan with its impressive travel options, it becomes an introverts’ dream travel destination.

Solitary travel options

Bhutan was not open to outsiders until about 40 years ago. When you arrive in Bhutan, you will be greeted by a spell-binding landscape with a series of mountains and untouched green forests. Being surrounded with nature and the sense of calm present in Bhutan will put you at ease immediately you arrive.

The locals are very friendly and you can expect the best hospitality from them.

Sample the Best of the Caribbean in Guadeloupe

The Caribbean can be quite intense but it can also be very calm, at least if you know the right spots in Guadeloupe. Guadeloupe is rich in culture as it mixes African and French culture to offer an experience in music, food and way of life that you will definitely find enjoyable.

Check out this awesome video on the islands of Guadeloupe from Heygorjess.

For an introvert, a laid back vacation in Marie-Galante or Les Saintes will probably be the best idea. You have lots of accommodation options when you travel to the Caribbean.

If you want to have an experienced pro handle every aspect of the vacation for you, staying at a good all-inclusive resort is probably the best way to go about it. Just be sure to know the difference between a family all-inclusive and an adults-only resort. If you’re an introverted traveler, you will not want kids around you.

Spend Time at the Beach in Tybee Island, Georgia (U.S.)

It’s rare that you find a great beach in America on a sunny day with as few people as you will find at the beaches of Tybee Island.

Besides only having to share the beach with just a handful of people, introverts can also engage in other stimulating activities such as browsing amazing art galleries, kayaking through salt marshes teeming with birds, or fishing. You can also visit historic sites such as Fort Pulaski and Tybee Lighthouse.

Introvert travel options

There are several amazing restaurants that offer great food. Finding great accommodation is easy with beach rentals, beach cottages, beach homes, inns, and bed and breakfasts on offer at relatively good prices.

Unravel the Mystery of the Scottish Highlands

If you want to witness nature at its pristine best, you should book a flight to Scotland right now. Most of the highlands remain unscathed and boast of beautiful mountains, plenty of greenery, beautiful bird species and red deer.

The highlands have a deeply romantic feel to them. Because of the beautiful backdrop, they make a very beautiful wedding destination.

Choose What’s Right for You

One of the fastest growing travel trends right now is solo travel. To cash in on the trend, travel players are putting together very good packages for solo travelers. You can take advantage of some of these packages to score a vacation to one these destinations. Since you are an introvert and you enjoy your own company a great deal, your travel experience is definitely going to be great.

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