5 Must Have Gear For Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing increases muscle strength in your arms, chest, and shoulders. It also improves the rate at which blood flows in your body. Moreover, kayak fishing allows you to catch some great fish and make your expedition out in the water worthwhile. In fact, kayak fishing without some essential gear is difficult, if not impossible. Here are five must-have gear when you go out kayak fishing.

Kayak fishing

A Flotation Device

You have to consider your personal safety as you kayak. Remember, fish move constantly while they are in the water. That means you have to adjust your angle continuously if you want to catch them. Sometimes, this movement causes you to lose your balance.

A flotation device is critical when such an event occurs. It will keep you afloat while you are in the water. It is especially useful if you feel tired or if you do not know how to swim. A good floatation device is also easy to spot, which makes it easy for rescue teams to reach you.

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Fishing Equipment

Some of the best fishing kayaks that you can find today come with different fishing accessories that can make you comfortable and safe out in the water while also equalling the fun.

If you do not own a pricey fishing kayak, all you need to do is buy separate fishing gear as per your needs. For example, you need a rod holder that is compact, neat, and easy to install. It minimizes the risk of fish pulling you overboard. It also reduces the risk of tackle falling.

You can choose flush mounts, tube style holders, or adjustable deck mounts among other types of rod holders. An appropriate fishing rod for kayaking is also necessary. It should be shorter than conventional rods are. Additionally, it should have a short butt section.

Finally, kayak-fishing nets are convenient because they help you scoop the fish that you have caught on your line.

Fishing by kayak

A First Aid Kit

Kayak fishing can be dangerous especially when you have sharp objects around you. These objects include hooks that you will attach to the fishing line. A sharp knife to cut the anchor line or the cutting line in case of emergencies is also necessary. The presence of these sharp objects means that you can cut yourself at any moment.

Covering this kind of wound correctly and as soon as possible is critical. In fact, you might have to disinfect the affected area. You cannot do any of these things if you do not have a first aid kit. Get one before you go kayak fishing. It will help you deal with emergencies as soon as they arise.

Communication Devices and Navigation Equipment

The weather may change abruptly when you are kayak fishing. For example, a storm may hit your area. Strong winds may also cause big waves to turn over your kayak. Losing your sense of direction is possible if these events occur especially if you are ocean fishing in a kayak.

Having navigation equipment during such times is vital because you can use them to get back to the mainland. In some cases, paddling on your own might be impossible because you have sustained injuries. Communication devices allow you to call for emergency help in such cases.

Water Bottles

Kayak fishing takes place in different environments. For example, you can fish in a big river, a large lake, or a nearby pond. These environments do not have clean water for you to drink. What will you do if you feel hydrated while you are kayak fishing?

Will you stop fishing so that you can go to the mainland for some water? Will you continue fishing despite the thirst that you are experiencing?

Dehydration causes the blood in your body to become thicker than it usually is increasing your blood pressure. It also causes light-headedness. Therefore, carrying plenty of water is critical when it comes to avoiding this kind of unfortunate circumstances.


These are the five essential things that you should have when you go kayak fishing. However, they are not the only things that you need. For example, carrying sunblock is an excellent idea because it protects your skin from the scorching heat of the sun. You also need a flashlight and a headlamp in case it gets dark while you are kayaking. An anchor is another necessary item because it keeps you steady as you wait for the fish to come near your kayak. Carrying a visibility flag is an added advantage because rescue teams will spot you easily in case of emergencies.

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