8 Tricks to Cheap Student Travel

To travel the world is the dream of each person. One manages to achieve this dream, while others are well-followed by the stereotype that traveling is too expensive and it is too much for mere students. This prejudice is fundamentally not true. There are many ways a common student can travel without being hit on the pocket.

1. Travel, while you are young!

There are lots of programs of cultural exchange between the countries Intership, Work and Travel, Au-Pair and other. They provide an opportunity for students and young people from the CIS to go during the summer or the whole year to the United States, Canada, European countries, not for free, but with the opportunity to earn. Usually the cost of the program pays for itself.

ISIC ID cardIf you are a US student, then such programs will be a great opportunity for you. Erasmus program is also a valuable experience for students seeking study opportunities in the oldest Universities of Europe and other countries including the USA, Mexico etc.

Another great advantage is the international student ID (ISIC), providing the opportunity to enjoy discounts on tickets, museum tickets, shopping in more than two hundred countries around the world! Here you will find out more about the card available for the US students. The Student Advantage Discount Card is a very popular card that gives up to 50% discount to almost any goods including clothing, books, tickets etc.

2. Use the internet!

Firstly, it will save a lot of time, and secondly, an unlimited selection of hotels, tour operators, airlines, flight, itinerary will be available a click-away! It is still possible to find very cheap tickets to different corners of the globe. The difference in price may be extremely big depending on the date of the journey. For example, to fly during holidays will be more expensive than during the weekdays. Additionally, check each day separately, there is a difference on different days as well.

3. Communicate as much as possible!

In addition, if you live in a country rich in history and sights, this is a big plus. On the Internet you can get acquainted with the residents of other cities and countries, and go on vacation “on the exchange.” This concept implies that you spend money only on relocation while housing and food are provided by these friends, while you agree to place them at home of your own, if they wish to visit your city. And if you are perfectly fluent in English or some other foreign language, you can offer your translation services at one of the websites like the website where students buy college essays, if the person who is the host of the website agrees to pay a part of the cost.

4. Be unpretentious!

A good way to spend the least money for the trip is originally planned economical journey. If your goal – to see the world, not chic vacation apartment, then this advice is very helpful. The surest way to save on accommodation – stay in hostels. Accommodation in a room with several other people, breakfast, shower, and Wi-fi, can cost just $ 10 per night!

5. You can forget about travel expenses and go hitchhiking.

This type of traveling I common in Europe and The western world but do not take advantage of it in the eastern countries because in most places it is a prohibited practice and you may be even imprisoned!


6. Be easy-going!

If you want to travel so that every night you dream about being near various world landmarks, you should think about how to connect your life with it. And if being a steward or a sailor is not exactly for you, in today’s world, there are a lot of professions that involve frequent business trips.

7. Couchsurfing!

Forget about fancy excursions and hotels! Want to live for free and have a free tour around the city? Then you definitely need to register on this website and get to know all the details about such kind of traveling! A lot of people around the world are eager to host you and help you discover the city! Free of charge!


8. Volunteering!

The best way to be useful and relax somewhere in Australia or Mexico. Check out diverse websites devoted to the topic of volunteering. All the volunteers are usually provided with free food and accommodation!

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