Best Cruise Destinations You can Visit From Southampton

Situated on the south coast of England, Southampton is the largest and the busiest cruise port in the whole of England. Even the famous and historic Titanic departed from Southampton port in 1912. The Southampton city is home to the SeaCity Museum, which also houses an interactive model of the Titanic. One of the main attractions of the Southampton port is, you can book a lot of no-fly cruises from this port as well, which eliminates the flying element of your holiday.  Being such a historic and important port, it is quite obvious that you will be spoilt with choices if you want to book a cruise from Southampton. You can book a cruise to almost any place your heart desires from this port. So if you are interested in booking a cruise from Southampton, here are some of the best destinations where you can get a ticket to.


Located in northern Germany, Hamburg is a major port city which has been enchanting its visitors with its rich culture, ancient history and maritime spirit. The beautiful architectures, the mouth-watering food, the pack of seagulls, everything about this city will continuously remind you of your closeness to the sea. This historic city has also been one of the most important business hubs in the world since the Middle Ages and it is one of the wealthiest cities in Germany. You will get to travel through the multicultural and colourful neighbourhoods, take a halt at the gourmet eateries and explore the various attractions the city has to offer while you are here.


Another one of the top destinations that you can cruise to from Southampton is the capital city of Netherlands, Amsterdam. This beautiful city is famous among the travellers for its artistic heritage, the extensive canal system it houses and the beautiful architectures of its narrow houses. There are a lot of museums in this beautiful city for you to check out too. You can visit the Van Gogh Museum, check out the works of Rembrandt and Vermeer at the Rijksmuseum, or visit the Stedelijk to see the modern arts on display. The ‘gezellig’ atmosphere of Amsterdam will surely win your heart as you enjoy the delicious food, fancy drinks and other things on offer at the various shops of Amsterdam.


Bruges, the capital city of Belgium, is another beautiful city which you can cruise to from the Southampton Port. This beautiful medieval city looks like a town which came straight out of a fairy tale. With its gorgeous cobbled lanes, insanely beautiful canals, picturesque market squares and breath-taking architectures, Bruges is a town which you will love to visit. There are a lot of places and attractions for you to explore when you visit Bruges. Visit the most popular art gallery Groeningemuseum to see a rich collection of the Flemish Primitive and Renaissance works, or climb up the 366 steps at Belfort to see some of the most incredible vistas of Burges.

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