Canada: The ultimate winter wonderland?


Moraine Lake sunset” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by shchukin

As the second largest country in the world, Canada is home to some of the worlds most breath-taking landscapes. With lakes, rivers and mountains spanning across its 2.8 million square foot, Canada is an outdoor adventure wonderland. And with cities, like Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver housing the nation’s culture, leisure and entertainment industries, the country is a top tourist destination. In 2017, tourists made over 20.8 million trips of one or more nights to Canada.

Canada is famous for its extreme weather – soaring high temperatures, to blazing cold winters. And so, the country is a great travel destination all year round. But it’s the winter season that attracts most tourists. What is it about Canada that makes it the perfect winter wonderland?

Whistler” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by BC Gov Photos


Canada is famous for the snowy landscapes. And with an abundance of the white stuff, Canadians have become rather good at using it. Snow sports are a huge pull for many tourists opting to spend their winter in Canada. Snowboarding, snow-sledges and winter sleigh rides are popular during the snowy months. Canada has some of the best ski mountains in the world. For down-slop skiing, Whistler and Revelstoke are beautiful regions. Whistler is the former host of the Vancouver Olympic Games and is home to the infamous Peak 2 Peak gondola, which is one of the world’s longest cable cart attractions. With most regions averaging between 10-30 inches of snow a week, it’s understandable that it has become a delight for visitors. For locals though, it may just be a mundane nuisance.


Nothing says winter like the image of a polar bear. Many visitors to North America don’t expect to meet a grizzly white. Aren’t they usually found in the Artic? In the Manitoba region of Canada, polar bears roam wild. Locals have become accustomed to sharing their land with the polar bear, which may seem odd, as the bear is renowned for being extremely vicious. Of course, tourists are advised to take a safari trip rather than approach them in the wild.

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Moose on the loose” (CC BY 2.0) by nikolajmthomsen


Canada’s entertainment industry is vast. The country’s leisure plaza’s, shopping malls and casinos rival some of the most prestigious entertainment venues found in Northern America. Despite bordering the USA, Canada is arguably a more liberal place. There has been an influx of citizens of the States moving to cities in Canada, and with this, the tourism culture has boomed. Canada now provides tourists with large entertainment facilities, similar to those found in the USA. International visitors are now spending their winter months in Ontario rather than Las Vegas. Ontario is an entertainment hub, popular for its casino culture. Modern casino fanatics, however, may be playing online. With bonuses and hundreds of slots, online casinos rival the large plazas. According to a review of Casumo casino, which opens in a new window, its variety of games and attractive offers allows players to practise their skills before spending their winter in Ontario’s entertainment district.

Toronto in winter
Downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada” (CC BY 2.0) by tsaiproject

Whether it’s an outdoor adventure or an indoor retreat, Canada’s vast country has it all. And with locals and tourists alike harnessing the potential of the great state, it’s becoming one of the worlds most visited winter destinations.

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