comfortable and affordable stay on a SEA trip

Heading to Southeast Asia? Well, it is the right decision as Southeast Asia, or SEA is a popular tourist destination. Located north of Australia, east of India and south of China geographically, Southeast Asia is bordered and bounded by Bay of Bengal, Pacific Ocean, and the Indian Ocean. It lies partly in the Southern Hemisphere and partly in the Northern Hemisphere.

Made of diverse geographic regions with varying topography, it is no wonder to see its areas and countries offering a host of touristic attractions and fun activities for the locals and the travelers. The vast region of SEA comprises of exciting nations like Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Tawau and more. 


This is a favorite corner of the world known for its perfect beaches and adorable cuisine. Good air connections, low prices and excellent options for accommodation make it even more attractive. As no holiday is complete without the perfect lodging and accommodation, one should be careful about what hotel they pick or what kind of room they stay in. Promenade Hotel Tawau is immensely popular among the tourists because of its prime location and top-notch services.

What to look for in your accommodation?

A good room means having the best amenities well within your budget. Added pluses are a great view, good ambiance and excellent services and all well within your budget. The primary attraction should be close by, and one should never be far from the market and transport hub. The hotel or resort staff must be warm, friendly and hospitable. Hotels in Tawau garner great reviews and testimonials from their visitors because of their clean rooms and great services. The market area is very near, and so are the beaches.

SEA is home to some of the most picturesque landscapes and seascapes. It is a joy to stay in a hotel surrounded by the dramatic scenery of an island or a village. One can pick from high-end luxury resorts or stay at hotels under $100. There is a wide range of boutique hotels that cater to every kind of tourists and budget. Vacation rentals and camping options are always there. Some resorts have gone ahead to claim their own private islands. Imagine spending your days on the beach, or relaxing in an infinity pool. Boutique hotels carry a certain measure of uniqueness and make for an exceptional stay. Vacation rentals are the first choice for those looking for a comfortable and private stay. Camping may sound attractive but generally not recommended in the SEA because of wildlife and insects.

Saving your hard earned money

Southeast Asia is a hotspot for beautiful hotels and rooms. Prices can get competitive particularly if you’re staying near a popular destination like Thailand, Indonesia or Phuket. You should be aware that some countries in the SEA are going to be less expensive than others. Vietnam is perfect for the budget conscious travel while Singapore can be pricey.

Gardens by the bay Singapore

Start looking early to book that perfect room for your SEA holiday. With plenty of options and choices available, it would need some time and effort to seek out tranquillity at one of the most exclusive hotels. Check the room prices well ahead of time and look for deals and promotions to make some savings. Contact the local tourist board to learn about the best local budget hotels. You can save on booking fees and look for special deals. Keep away from Western hotels and search for local lodging options and cheaper accommodations. The good news is that you can always find a great deal for much less money.

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