Destination Wedding Ideas: Nautical and Beyond

The perfect excuse for vacation… a destination wedding! Whether you’re part of the happy couple or an invited guest, a wedding weekend getaway or an elopement in the tropics for instance – both sound like an amazing time. But if you aren’t on board with getting on board to a wedding away you may just change your mind yet. 

Check out these 5 reasons why a destination wedding is the way to go! We promise, you’ll want to come too.

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The Ultimate Wedding Theme

A destination wedding is the ultimate wedding theme. Yes, you may still want to choose wedding colors for your décor and wedding party attire, but if you’re headed to a destination for your wedding the location is probably decoration enough. Not only can you use the beach, woods, mountains, or countryside to your aesthetically pleasing advantage but you can use also use the destination as the theme to the rest of your wedding. It can be a headache trying to create the perfect vision, but when your venue is the vision that’s all you’ll need.

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Endless Destinations

Cross something off your bucket list by choosing a destination you’ve always dreamt of going. It can be somewhere near or far, extravagant or simple, a popular tourist spot or somewhere a bit off the beaten path. Think nautical, woodsy, city life, and beyond.

Your options are endless as opposed to a handful of local venues you would have to choose from otherwise. 

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Unique Invitations

Forget about your standard floral print or calligraphy wedding invitations. While those are both gorgeous and timeless choices travel themed wedding invitations are much more unique and will keep your vibe cohesive. If you’re headed to a lake house opt for anchor wedding invitations or maybe the beach is more your speed – choose a wedding invitation featuring palms or a cute starfish design. 

Honeymoon Goals

If you’re one half of a happy couple soon to take the plunge, you most likely have plans to honeymoon. Why not make a whole wedding out of it? The biggest perk – no traveling right after your wedding. Can you imagine having the best day of your life only to wake up the next day with plans to catch a flight? Instead, get to your destination early, unwind, get married, and enjoy your first moments as a couple already in honeymoon mode!

The Trip of a Lifetime

You and your guests will never forget the uniqueness of a wedding away. The thrill of traveling and the peaceful feeling of being unplugged and clocked out will make your wedding celebration that much more intimate, fun, and memorable –the trip of a lifetime!

Getting on board with a destination wedding is highly recommended! Your next best choice… a travel themed wedding staycation should do. Either way, we’ve rounded up five fabulous resources to help you plan your wedding. 

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  3. The Knot: Everything You Need To Plan Your Wedding 
  4. Basic Invite: Truly Custom Invitations
  5. Roadtrippers: Discover, Plan, and Hit the Road  

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