Economy, Business, First Class, and Private: Which is the Best Type of Air Travel for You?

Whether you’re flying a short distance or long-haul, the type of air travel you pick can make a huge difference. If you’re on a budget, you may stick to economy prices, however, for those who have a bit more money and want a touch of luxury, first class may be more enticing to you. Before you decide on which type of air travel is right for you, here is a rundown on what you can expect from economy, business, first class, and private air travel.


As the most common type of air travel, many of us make do with being in economy (otherwise known as standard or coach). In general terms, most people pick economy class to get them from A to B. There are some noticeable differences when you compare economy with other types of air travel (most notably the amount of legroom you get). Pitch can vary from between 28 – 34 inches and width from 17 – 33 inches. While it may not seem like much now, spending endless hours in that sort of seat can soon become uncomfortable.

There are other factors that you need to consider before picking an economy seat. You will find a difference in food, in-flight entertainment, and the type of TV screen when compared to other types of air travel. In the United States, there are some airlines who offer economy plus, which in simple terms means that while you are still flying with the same service you would expect in economy, you may have a couple of inches extra legroom. However, you will need to shell out a bit more cash to reserve these kinds of seats.

Premium Economy

There are additional benefits that come with booking in premium economy. When arriving at the airport, you will be given a dedicated lounge and the seats you sit in will be located in a different area to economy. In many instances, you will have a wider seat, a larger TV screen, and better food (such as a larger choice to pick from and complimentary drinks). You will also get a greater luggage allowance. If you can’t afford business class, but you want to have a more comfortable flying experience, be sure to look into premium economy.


They tend to say that once you fly in business class, you will never want to go back to economy again. While it may be tricky to see the advantages of premium economy over economy, there are all sorts of luxuries that business class brings that are immediately apparent. With business class becoming so good, there are various airlines who’ve decided to abandon first class seats completely!

To put it in simple terms, everything is much better in business class. Whether it be drinking out of a real glass, your meals delivered to you on real china (accompanied with proper knives and forks), it’s safe to say you’ll be spoilt rotten. There are also fully-flat bed seats that can provide you with that extra comfort you need. There are some airlines who provide a chauffeured pick-up and drop-off service (providing you live close to the airport) as well as a dedicated lounge where you can fill up on food and drink free of charge. Whether you’re travelinga short distance or long-haul, you won’t be disappointed if you make an upgrade to business class.

First Class

Regarded as the pinnacle of air travel, those who like the finer things in life will benefit greatly from a seat in first class. When you factor in all the celebrities and super-rich, powerful people who choose first class, you can be sure you’re in excellent company. To get a better idea of how fabulous first class really is, when comparing it with business class, one of the most noticeable differences is the added luxury and comfort. Not only will you get some much-needed privacy throughout your flight thanks to having an individual suite, but you can also expect all the legroom you could ever want and more, helping to make your journey as comfortable as possible.

With a highly trained crew to help you with your every want and need, you can expect fantastic cuisine, one of the best seats on the plane, not to forget some much-needed peace and quiet. Bear in mind that such luxury comes at a hefty cost, with seats usually costing up to five times more than business class seats.

Private Jet

If you don’t like the idea of waiting in queues and being around tons of passengers, why not consider flying privately instead? Doing your research on private jet hire prices can help you find the right private jet for you. You can finalise the details on, as they know all about what it takes to create a comfortable, relaxing, and stress-free flight. All you need to do is enter your type of travel, the number of passengers who will be flying with you, your departure and destination airport, as well as what date and time you wish to go, and you’ll soon be on your way in luxury and style.

The main aims of Paramount Business Jets are safety, reliability, and to offer a great experience, so be sure to do your research into private jet rental prices. To get a better idea, you can use the company’s charter flight cost calculator to do all the hard work for you, giving you an estimate of private jet charter costs.


Whether you’re flying economy, business, first class, or private, the main goal is to safely get you from A to B. When traveling, you will want to feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible, so you should do your own research into the types of air travel on offer to help you find the right choice for you. If you are flying long-haul, you may want to spend some more cash on getting more legroom to help make your journey that little bit smoother. What’s more, you may be able to get money off your flight ticket should you book in advance so it’s always best to get your flights sorted as soon as possible.

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