How to Enjoy the Best of the Giant’s Causeway

A trip to Northern Ireland is not complete without a visit to the Giant’s Causeway. The natural rock formation is only an hour away from Belfast city centre. Even better, there are plenty of coaches and other ways to reach this beautiful place.

It IS beautiful. The Giant’s Causeway is not only a beautiful attraction on its own; the place is surrounded by gorgeous landscape and sceneries that make the North Coast so popular among travellers. To fully enjoy this place, here are some of the tips and tricks you need to know.

Giants Causeway

Take a tour

The Giant’s Causeway is too marvellous to explore on a short trip. While you can admire the unique columns during a short visit to this spot, you’ll never be able to absorb the richness of this attraction fully with such a short trip.

A good way to enjoy the best of the Giant’s Causeway is by taking a guided tour. There are tours that start from Belfast. I recommend Allen’s Tours for the comprehensive experience and the well-versed guides that stay with you every step of the way.

Visit the Centre

The Giant’s Causeway has a visitors’ centre that you need to visit. Unlike many other tourist centres, the visitors’ centre here actually lets you learn so much more about the Giant’s Causeway and the cultural roots of this place (instead of just selling souvenirs).

You will still find souvenirs here. In fact, you’ll find a lot of them, from stones that you can take home to jams and crafts made by the locals. Everything sold in the visitors’ centre, however, tells a story about Northern Ireland and just how rich the culture here really is.


The formation of columns known as the Giant’s Causeway is the main attraction here, but that doesn’t mean you should not explore the nearby hills. You should, because that’s how you get to catch a stunning view of the North Coast.

If you can spend more time at the Giant’s Causeway, going on a short hike with a camera in your hands is a fantastic way to spend the day. Arrive in the morning when the tide is low, explore nearby areas during the day, and return to the columns at dusk for a view that you’ll never forget.

Check the Themes

The Giant’s Causeway hosts a lot of themed hikes and activities throughout the year. Timing your visit accordingly is actually worth doing, since you’ll be able to experience a totally unique take of the attraction and the nearby landscape.

The Saint Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Hunt is a particularly popular one among travellers. The schedules for these themed activities are posted on the official website. You can also check with the tour operator when arranging your visit if you want to learn more about themed activities.

There is no doubt that you will have a memorable experience visiting the Giant’s Causeway. The place may sound simple at first, but the intricate details and the many stories that surround this destination make the Giant’s Causeway incredibly fascinating to explore.

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