How to travel in style during the winter

Summer shouldn’t be the reserve of all the fun when it comes to holidays. Winter can be a particularly charming time of year to hop around the globe, especially when it comes to wrapping up warm and keeping warm in front of the fire. If you’re looking to spend maybe Halloween or Christmas on vacation, then here are some tips for keeping it classy while traveling in the frostier months.

Keep it cozy

If you want to stay all cozy and romantic while it’s snowing outside, then those who rent a large country house or mansion-style homes have got it sussed. There’s no better way of staying warm on a cold and windy night than in the luxury of a plush home with a nice warm bed. Large countryside homes are also ideal if you’re traveling in a group.

Wrap up warm

Nothing will cramp your style more than a bout of frostbite or hypothermia. So, if you are going to travel during the winter months, prepare in just the same way as you would during a summer vacation. Instead of flip flops, suncream and swimming costumes, why not pack some fancy new winter clothing? You could opt for:

  • A tailored jacket
  • A faux-fur hat
  • A chunky scarf to wrap up with
  • New leather gloves
  • Stylish footwear to keep your feet warm and toasty while you go sightseeing.

Winter clothing doesn’t have to be frumpy or unappealing; if you approach it with a sense of style you can have fun with your holiday winter wardrobe. The only practicality you might want to consider is picking some waterproof items: if you’re going to go somewhere that snows, you will eventually get wet as it starts to melt.


If you’re going somewhere cold then you’ll need to look after your skin while you’re traveling. Here are some essentials to pack in your suitcase:

  • Chapstick: keeping moisturized is a priority when you hit the cold air, particularly when it comes to your lips, which are much more sensitive and prone to getting chapped.
  • Moisturizer: Your elbows and knees are usually the first to suffer the effects of icy air and warm central heating. However, your hands are bound to feel the bite, too. Having a handy bottle to take out when your knuckles start to dry out will keep you in comfort.
  • Heat-up pads: if you have poor circulation, and it takes a while for your hands to warm up, then heat-up pads are great for stuffing into your gloves before you head out.
  • Eucalyptus oil: if you get the snuffles while you’re out in the cold, then dabbing a bit of eucalyptus oil on a tissue will help to open up the airways. Or, alternatively, some throat sweets could be handy go-to in order to help you breathe.

Heading out on avacation during the winter will not only help you beat the crowds during the busier peak-seasons but also make you consider different parts of the world. You will have braggingrights when you return that you got to see somewhere new and exciting, with maybe even a few cute snowy pictures to prove it.

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