Perfect Proposal: The Best Places For Travellers to Pop The Question!

If you’re lucky enough to have met the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with, it’s natural to want to take the next step- and for many, that’s a proposal. It’s a huge defining moment during adult life, and chances are you’ve spent a lot of time thinking things through, including how, when and where you’re going to pop the question. As a keen traveller then it makes sense to consider cool destinations where you can make the whole occasion extra special and memorable. Here are a few ideas that might give you some inspiration!

The place where you met or had your first date

If you first met at a cool place then why not go back there to revisit? Perhaps you met while you were on holiday, or your first date was somewhere especially memorable. For example, this couple who met at the Borgata recently got engaged there! Maybe you’ve since moved away from the place you first met in and so going back there feels nostalgic and special. It could be the place you first asked them to be your girlfriend/ boyfriend or it could be where you went on your first vacation or mini break together. In some situations this could be the perfect place to revisit and ask them if they want to marry you.

A typically ‘romantic’ destination

Some destinations in the world are just typically romantic. Cities like New York, Venice and especially Paris are popular for proposals as there’s such a magic to them. Other options could be a gorgeous beach at sunset, or a cosy log cabin nestled in the countryside or mountains.

Have a think about the kind of atmosphere you’d like when you pop the question and from there you can do you research to find out where would be the best option. A bucket of champagne on ice, rose petals sprinkled on the bed- if you speak to the hotel or property owner before booking there are often things they can do to make it extra special. It could be in a fancy restaurant if you don’t mind an audience, or it could be somewhere quieter if you prefer privacy. Have a think about all of the details, that way you can plan and prepare for anything unexpected. 

Somewhere unexpected

If you want to propose but do so in an unexpected way, consider an unexpected location! It could be at the top of a mountain you’ve just climbed together, it could be while white water rafting or on the top of a roller coaster at an incredible theme park (just wait until you get off to show them the ring!) There are loads of unique and interesting ideas online so have a look through to get some inspiration, from there you can create your perfect, unexpected proposal. People have proposed while swimming with dolphins, on horseback, even scuba diving!

Maybe you think they’ve cottoned onto the fact you’re going to ask them and want to shake things up so they don’t realise what’s going to happen, or maybe you just really want to make it memorable. Either way, there are so many incredible destinations and ideas all over the globe which can help you to achieve this. 

Planning a proposal can be tricky, you want it to be a surprise so it involves a lot of planning behind your partner’s back. You always have the slight fear of what their reply will be, and there could be unexpected things that happen. But do it when you’re travelling and you’ll make it super memorable, and you have the rest of the vacation to celebrate!

Would you consider proposing while you’re abroad? How would you go about it?

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