Places to Vacation in California 

California is often known for surfboards, sunny weather, and being home to some of the biggest stars in the world. However, the populated state has a lot more to offer, especially in regard to vacationing.

You may be reading this because you want to go on vacation sometime soon and you’ve been thinking about exploring California. On the other hand, you may live in California presently and want to do a vacation that’s nearby so as a result, be wondering what your options are.

You should know that there are several spots in this star-studded city for you to choose from.

To open you up to the possibilities, this article is going to explore three places that you can vacation in California. 

Disney Land

If you’re looking for a family-friendly vacation or want to revive your inner child, then you should consider Disneyland as a vacation spot. Located in Anaheim California, there are eight themed lands alongside rides, shows, and costumed characters.

Disney Land

Some tips for making the most out of your trip to Disney Land include planning ahead, fast passing early and often to avoid wasting time in long queues, dressing comfortable, pacing yourself, timing yourself, and not following the crowd. You’re likely to have the time of your life and have pictures to show for it. 

Big Bear Lake 

When looking for somewhere to vacation in California, Big Bear Lake should definitely be on the list. It is a suitable place to vacation if you’re going on a family vacation and looking for an eclectic destination seeing as there are so many things to do. Another great thing about vacationing at Big Bear Lake is you can go any time of the year as there are recreational activities that you can get up to all year round.

Big Bear Lake 

Whether you want to ski in the snow, hike up a mountain, watch a movie or attend a concert, there is something for everyone. In the instance that you simply need a break away from all of the daily chaos that goes on at home, you can also enjoy relaxing spa treatments which include massages, facials and acupuncture. 

Los Angeles 

If you’re someone who is won over by glitz and glamour and would enjoy bumping into your favorite celebrity, then perhaps think about going to vacation in Los Angeles. You’re likely to have the time of your life exploring the busy streets of the city, dining at some of the finest restaurants, and discovering all of the hidden treasures the popular destination has to offer.

Los Angeles

More specifically, some things you can do when vacationing in LA are visiting Venice Beach, seeing the many sights that Hollywood has to offer, shopping in the famous Rodeo Drive, and visiting the museum of Jurassic technology. 

California is a unique city that contains many hidden gems. There are numerous options when it comes to choosing a vacation spot, so it’s left to what your preferences are and what you want to get out of your holiday. Beyond the ones mentioned above, there are many more vacation ideas to explore if you want to visit the golden state.

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